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Sleeping Angel by Melikets Sleeping Angel :iconmelikets:Melikets 4 1 Spring 2012 by Melikets Spring 2012 :iconmelikets:Melikets 3 0 PNICU Baby by Melikets PNICU Baby :iconmelikets:Melikets 2 0 Newborn by Melikets Newborn :iconmelikets:Melikets 2 0 Big Sister by Melikets Big Sister :iconmelikets:Melikets 2 0 Little Girl by Melikets Little Girl :iconmelikets:Melikets 1 0 Little Boy by Melikets Little Boy :iconmelikets:Melikets 5 0
How Long?
Falling and falling,
Is there no end,
To this great hole?
Is there no mend?
How long will this last?
How much longer before I break?
How will this unfold?
How much more can I take?
Sitting on the sidelines,
Watching this take place.
Why can't you see,
The tears on my face?
I wish you could tell,
I wish you could see,
All the pain you're causing me.
All the ways you manage to hurt me.
But this will end.
As it did before.
I am sorry, my love.
I want you till the end.
:iconmelikets:Melikets 2 0
Heart of Stone
Heart of stone,
In the coldest night,
I am prone,
To always lose this fight.
I am yours,
You are mine,
Forever a bullet,
My valentine.
:iconmelikets:Melikets 2 0
A Broken Girl
A broken girl,
Who can no longer stand tall.
Ripped at the seams.
Depression over comes her.
She sinks into pain and misery,
Wishing someone would save her,
But no one comes.
No one can hear her screams.
She sits there,
For someone to rescue her.
:iconmelikets:Melikets 1 0
Does anyone care?
Is there somebody who understands?
A person I can talk to?
Is there anyone?
I feel all alone,
No one around, dead silence.
Fears overcome me completely,
As I begin to fade.
I can scream, but no one hears,
Crying won't help either,
I wait in the dark, scared and alone,
Waiting for anyone.
Somebody to love me,
A person I can trust,
I need anyone,
Anyone to love.
:iconmelikets:Melikets 2 1
Fall To Pieces
Watch her fall to pieces,
This is all your fault,
Your cruelness never ceases,
Watch her fall to pieces,
The anger in your eyes decreases,
And the tears in her eyes halt,
Watch her fall to pieces,
This is all your fault.
:iconmelikets:Melikets 1 0
She walked wearing a shirt that covered her chest,
She wore bands and bracelets to cover the rest.
She covered her legs, and covered her neck.
Under the clothes she was a horrible wreck.
She went home everyday to relive the stress,
The scars are the reason for the modest dress.
She'd cut and she'd cut, and didn't wish to stop soon.
She'd cut at 7, 8 and even noon.
She'd slit once for her mum, and once for her dad.
She'd slit once for the happiness she never had.
She may have cut once for you.
:iconmelikets:Melikets 3 0
Under the sweetest flower,
In the garden of bones,
In deep,
Here I sleep.
On my ground,
Tears shower,
Sorrow bathing my tombstone,
For me, do not weep.
:iconmelikets:Melikets 0 0
Only Thing Missing
I am just a sad soul,
In the dark world.
Sorrow and pain,
My only companions.
Dark words.
Burning tears of my pain,
Comforting me in my sorrowful journey.
Only one thing missing,
Final obliviation,
Sweet death,
In your arms I wish to be.
:iconmelikets:Melikets 0 0
Power of Darkness
Night is my home and prison,
Black roses are strewn in my path,
I'm the darkness that rules your life.
I am lost and cast away from society.
Though I breathe, I am not truly alive.
Eyes close for the final time.
The soul released,
No solace for the unforgiving,
Endless bleak night.
:iconmelikets:Melikets 1 0


N4207 Padro Foal Design - Sorc x Misty by Solloby N4207 Padro Foal Design - Sorc x Misty :iconsolloby:Solloby 7 0 SBY Jaskeran, Slayer of Kings [N5172] by Solloby SBY Jaskeran, Slayer of Kings [N5172] :iconsolloby:Solloby 4 4 Kitty+Flower+Butterfly+Hybrid by Solloby Kitty+Flower+Butterfly+Hybrid :iconsolloby:Solloby 1 0 Lizard Raptor Creatures by Solloby Lizard Raptor Creatures :iconsolloby:Solloby 3 0 Snow Kitty by Solloby Snow Kitty :iconsolloby:Solloby 3 1 Dynos - 4 Cute Dynosaurs by Solloby Dynos - 4 Cute Dynosaurs :iconsolloby:Solloby 4 2 Zoids Missile Tortoise Oekaki by Solloby Zoids Missile Tortoise Oekaki :iconsolloby:Solloby 1 0 Solloby's Headset by Solloby Solloby's Headset :iconsolloby:Solloby 5 8 Solloby Cub by Solloby Solloby Cub :iconsolloby:Solloby 3 0 Horse Statue - 3DS Max by Solloby Horse Statue - 3DS Max :iconsolloby:Solloby 2 0 Zoids Chibi Dimetra Ptera by Solloby Zoids Chibi Dimetra Ptera :iconsolloby:Solloby 2 7 Mermaid for Cherry by Solloby Mermaid for Cherry :iconsolloby:Solloby 1 0 Custom Sea Character by Solloby Custom Sea Character :iconsolloby:Solloby 8 4 Dog Sketch by Solloby Dog Sketch :iconsolloby:Solloby 1 0 Steampunk Whale on Fire by Solloby Steampunk Whale on Fire :iconsolloby:Solloby 2 0 What your back, cos I'll be biting it by Solloby What your back, cos I'll be biting it :iconsolloby:Solloby 2 2


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Amy Vaughn
United Kingdom
My profile picture was made for me by SamGreenMedia
My laptop died but I'm back now :D


My laptop died but I'm back now :D
Sleeping Angel
My youngest child had to spend a week in PNICU. He wasn't allowed with me at night time until 2 nights before we were discharged.
Spring 2012
My eldest child at the Botanical Gardens in 2012
My youngest child wasn't breathing when he was born, and he needed to be resuscitated. He is doing fine now.


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