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V for Vendetta



Finally finished this. Since I saw the movie, and then read the comic, I've become a bit of a V for Vendetta fan. :D I just couldn't resist making my own fan art, even though I'm not much of a fan artist anymore, but these two characters are just really cool and deserving of their own image. I really wanted to go for the still helpless and afraid Evey Hammond, clinging to V in an effort to get protection from the dark and scarey world around her. Hope I did them both well.

I will say this though: DAMN YOU Natalie Portman for your soft and angelic looking face for you are a difficult woman to draw! :shakefist: Your lips in this image forever frustrate me! >:[

Desktop size: 1280 x 1024

It looks much nicer when there is a black background. You can see all the details. :P Full view would probably also be good.
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