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Elvish Druid

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Was supposed to be something of a quick project that just sort of exploded into something larger than I anticipated. Painted this originally in black and white rather than color, then painted the color over it later. This is as close to my color thumbs as I could seriously get it. Over all I'm happy though (for a change :p).

Random elf druid. Not that I have anything against the prettier variety of elves, but I always thought there would be some more rugged or feral looking ones that looked more... manish? I guess. :D
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Lovely, I definitely like the more rugged look for this variety of elf. I love his expression and the shoulder armor. Very nice!
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Fantastic work. This is what I think and druid should look like. I love the earth tones and the rugged look. Well done!!
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Greetings, and Brightest Blessings :aww:

We've featured this image in our journal - [link]

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At last - a male elf that actually looks male! This is really very impressive - I tend to find that my portraits are okay-ish when I use traditional media, but go to pot when I try to paint them digitally... would you recommend this ';painting them in black and white first' technique?
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Only if you have a hard time getting your values down, which I am HORRIBLE with when I go straight to color. The only thing that I find is difficult is once you get to the point you want to apply color to the piece, sometimes the colors you want to use don't work well due to the fact you have to overlay the color over the the B&W image. It's probably because I haven't found the right technique yet, but that's something to be aware of.
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Nice to see an elf that is more rugged than the pretty pretty elves that are all too common. The dreads are a wonderful touch too. Very moody and the brush strokes and colours chosen are beautiful. great work!
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The dreds are a nice touch to a solid piece.
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Great! Wow... I've never seen an elf with dreads before! :lol: Great painting Melissa! Love it as always! :aww: I agree with you about the elves... I too think they must have some that are more manly and less "pretty and androgynous". He's pretty good looking though! :) Love the tattoo and the colours!
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Thanks! You just don't see a lot of artwork with rugged manly men elves. :XD: Got to find a balance somewhere.
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That's true! :aww: I totally agree with you. :nod:
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In D&D there is a race of elves called the wild evles. They are rugged and crazy. They like in the woods wearing pelts and leaves. They kick some serious @$$ too though. I like that he's pretty and manly. I'd like to see some warmer colors in his face though. :)
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I don't think they had the green hair though did they? I remember doing another character once when I was on a big Baldur's Gate 2 kick, one with my ranger cleric toon, and someone criticized her hair color being wrong for a certain kind of elf. But that was over at Elfwood, so who knows? =p

There really should be some more warmer colors in his skin. I kept trying to put more reds or oranges in but then it was changing his skin to almost peach which I really didn't like. Poor guy looks pretty pale though without that tough of warmer hues. >.<
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IwD2 wild elf [link] - I'm sure you know this one well :)
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In D&D 3 and Icewind Dale II they had darker skin (well tanned), red hair and tattoos.

But that's not what I wanted to say. Thanks to the Hammerfal case I finally stepped on this image in a finished form. He is looking great, I like the final colours and like a lot the tree behind him :)
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Actually the green hair is entirely plausible for a wild elf. The shirt might not be though. Unless someone dressed him for the portrait. :) I can dig up the elven handbook for you. It's the penultimate D&D guide to elves.
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I think you like this one. I think it evolved into something more because you liked it. I like it! It's different, yet still true to your style. I really like the style, and I think it's good to see something different. I'm so sick of the elves peraly whites in the likes of Lord of the Rings, and World of Warcraft. This is different, lovely.

In other words, and I hope this pleases you... It should, coming from me, but this is unlike anything I've ever seen before. ;)
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:hug: Thank you! I do agree there is too many pretty elves. Maybe I can make some really creepy elves sometime that are cannibalistic monsters or something. :XD:
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I'm digging on the tattoo/facepaint. I always have such a hard time making stuff like that look like it's forming to the curvature of the skin.

The textures and colors are very nice as well. This looks to be a bit different from your usual pieces.
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Tattoos are a bitch really. It's so much easier to draw simple one color tribals, then you can get them bend and curve the surface of the skin easier. But I've tried doing more complicated stuff, only get half way through it and realizing how printed onto the skin and fake it looked.

It looks a bit different probably because I did this in B&W first. Usually I don't do that I just hit straight color and run, but when I was setting up the lighting on this via the color, I was losing a lot of my values because I was too focused on color. The evolution of this image was a giant one really.
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Wow. You did put a lot into this. How did you transition from b&w to color? Did you just desaturate, look at the problems and put it back into color?

I never realized the folks at Epilogue were so helpful. I guess they're a lot like CA in that respect. But I have the feeling it's a smaller community there.
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Hey meli, was just thinking of you the other day work burying you ?
About the conceptart trip and New Zealand, does it look like you'll make it ? S'awesome if it looks like you will be able to because then we'll see on another there : D

About the druid: Digging the dreads, his expression
and textures, all manually done? And, are you playing wow again or still or is he really 'random' ?
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Work is crazy. I've had a lot to do both out of the office and in really. To be honest, I don't know how feasible it will be for me to make the New Zealand workshop. Right now I've got too many things to do, and too many bills piling up which are sucking money down. Maybe I might be able to scrape something together, but even then, time won't really be on my side either as later in the year work is still going to be very busy. This year sucks. :(

Some of the textures aren't manually done, I got a bark texture for the main trunk of the tree and I used some texture effects in Painter to get other textures (like the leather pits on the armor). It was the add grain brush, then you apply a paper texture and it puts in the grain as a texture. It's a neat way to get some effects! I'm not playing WoW anymore. Quit that game laster year as it got a little too tedious and dull. ;p
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