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FREE Comissions

Hey. I wanted to improve my drawings so I decided to make FREE Coms.
You can donate if you'd like, but I primary do this for my own improvement.
All you have to do is send your OC to me /note, if needed add a list of important details.
I'll do Bust/Head Shots, if I really enjoy your character, I'll maybe do a half- or fullbody.
If you got any wishes, tell me in your note! I'll try to manage this.
I would be very thankful if you would ''help'' me to improve. <3

What I draw:
-Furry related
-normal oc's (like down there)

What I don't draw:
-Anime Characters

Here are some Examples.

Head/Bust Shot

SSG Xayah Chib by MeliChaanGoseuteu- what am i by MeliChaan


Do you dare to grasp the thorn? by MeliChaanSelena [FreeCom] by MeliChaanMaelys Moore [FreeCom] by MeliChaan


Venus floatin' by MeliChaanflying above by MeliChaan


1. skepticaIdreamer / Selena / Progress: DONE  Selena [FreeCom] by MeliChaan
2. / Pikachu / Progress: DONE Pikachu [FreeCom] by MeliChaan
3.  La-croque-mort / Maelys Moore / Progress: DONE Maelys Moore [FreeCom] by MeliChaan