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Celtic Heart 2

Here's another celtic heart...I must like drawing hearts...

Anywho, I like this one better than the first, I like the way I colored it better too...

Lines: black marker
Color: Watercolor pencils
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MP620 series
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Wow!  It struck me more of "pretzel"
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I have no words to qualify this stunning work! I'm really impressed!!
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Thankyou very much! I'm glad you like it! *hug*
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bear48's avatar
very nice job
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Yay! *loves and hugs* I'll definitely send you a pic of the corset! (imagine an emerald green velveteen corset with a white simplified version of your work near the bottom, and knotwork moving to the top in a triangle, with a white skirt).


Could I post a pic of your artwork on my Handfasting site? It's here: [link]
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That sounds so frickin' awesome!!! I can't wait to see!!! :dance:

and sure! post away ;P
Aelwyndaeira's avatar
I LOOOOOOVE this! Would you mind if I used it as influence for the embroidery on the corset for my wedding "dress"?
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It would be beautiful on a wedding dress, though I imagine in white? ^_~
It's cool with me, and it's for your own personal use, so sure! Thanks for asking!
And you gotta show me pictures of it on your dress!!!!
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This is a FOUND HEART deviation and is being featured in our current journal. :)

~The Deuce Of Hearts
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That's awesome! Thanks so much!:)
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Excellent knotting too!
Melibells's avatar
thanks! I'm so proud that I actually did that:)
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Very beautiful, love the colours and the background really shows it off
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Thanks:) took me a while to choose the right background color
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its wonderful !
Melibells's avatar
Thanks! I'm quite proud of it:)
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you should be its amazing must have taking forever !
Melibells's avatar
:) it took a while
mssbehave's avatar
with my lack of patience i would be done next year lol
Melibells's avatar

I'm kinda obsessive, so I couldn't leave it unfinished for long:)
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like me and my painting sometimes i be 18 hours up to finish a project :giggle:
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I know, sometimes I get so wrapped up in a project that I look at the clock and it's like 3am! O.O
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