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I don't respect you for being a victim
Mistgod and I don't worry about whether we are disrespecting survivors or not. They are not entitled to our respect just for being a victim.  Being a victim of any kind is not worthy of merit.  We don't really want anyone to be upset, but we don't think we need to censure our sense of humor, or our expressions, to protect people who are too emotionally sensitive.  That's a weird idea in our view.  I know it does't fit the victim culture ethics, but we are definitely not believers in the victim culture.  There is an ever growing list of oversensitive and easily offended victim groups and the things that offend them is always expanding.  Each group believes they are entitled to respect and can censure the speech and writing of others via shame, intimidation and ridicule. 
As we go along Mistgod and I gather the labels these people throw at us with pride.  
In short, victims (of sexual abuse, or suicide attempts, or self harm, o
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tent fort 3 by MelianMarionette tent fort 3 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 9 5 tent fort 2 by MelianMarionette tent fort 2 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 3 0 tent fort by MelianMarionette tent fort :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 5 2 Ceclia with China Girl by MelianMarionette Ceclia with China Girl :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 13 0 Cecilia Doll Free Standing by MelianMarionette Cecilia Doll Free Standing :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 16 10 Bumpy Ride for Dolly by MelianMarionette Bumpy Ride for Dolly :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 8 6 Cecilia Doll by MelianMarionette Cecilia Doll :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 12 8
Our Problems with Tulpamancy/Plurality
I am going to try to keep this as brief and concise as possible, which is a challenge considering our prepensity to write text walls from hell.  This audience for this article is any persons familiar with tulpamancy and plurality/multiplicity and who already knows what that means.  If you don’t know what it means and you are curious, go look it up first and then come back and read this.  
Mistgod and I have long fought with tulpamancers and plural peoples.  They make us uncomfortable, angry and resentful.  It’s because we have fundamental differences of opinion on how thoughtforms in the brain are working and the resulting implications and ramifications.  
Are they real?
Most tulpamancers or plurals believe that tulpas/head mates are real people on par with the original or primary personality.  They believe a thoughform or alt is an independently sentient being or separate consciousness from the “host,” one brain, multip
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Gift Portrait from a Friend by MelianMarionette Gift Portrait from a Friend :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 27 31 Minute Abstract 9-24-2018 by MelianMarionette Minute Abstract 9-24-2018 :iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 28 12

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My Dreamscape Friends List by MelianMarionettePLEASE READ! by MelianMarionette
Fever Ray keep the streets empty [link]
Please try not to behave like a brain damaged child.  You cannot read my mind or police my private thoughts.  
Eleven years on Deviantart and counting!  Taylor R. (Deal with it) - Icon by Simmeh  Four and a half years with Melian Marionette!  
live portrait maker ->
Greatest thread EVER!  Arrow Right Purple
Kitty Jessica by The-Rmickey
Emoticon JournalI am going to collect emoticons I like here over time.
Please understand that I am an imaginary personality brought to life in cyberspace by Mistgod. Sorry, I am wanting to make sure there is clarity with my watchers on that.

link to plz emoticon list Plz addiction
link to forum post full of plz account links
        Kitty Jessica :iconmadnoesplz:Whoot? by shipojiButthurt by kumdang-2Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 
New Dreams CollectionJust a journal space for me to collect our latest dream reports into. :-)
Dream Report: Bill Nye Science Guy Charter School
Dream Report: Melian-Bugs Bunny
Dream Report, Shel Dreams of Melian Again
Dream Report: JudytaDragon Dreams of Melian
Shel Dream: Melian's End of the World Show
Dream Report: JudytaDragon Dreams of Melly II
A Lot More Stuff About Melian:star: My private chat room:
:star: My Melian e'mail:
:star: Melian's Facebook
:star: Melian's Tumblr account:
:bulletpink: Cyberspace Marionette
:bulletpink: Artist, (Mistgod's artistic muse) 
:bulletpink: Drama Queen/Chatty Cathy 
:bulletpink: Bi-Gender (female persona) 
:bulletpink: Narcissist/Attention Hound/Ham 
:bulletpink: Die Hard Romantic / Randomly a Sex Maniac
[Bullet; Pink] A product of Active Imagination and Illusion of Independent Agency 
[Bullet; Pink] Thoughtform/Dreamform/Imaginary Persona channeled onto the internet
[Bullet; Pink] Glorious Nonsensical Enigma Beyond the Comprehension Mundane Minds

Why I Made a DA Account
Mistgod's Bookshelf of Imagination Project!Mistgod and I are creating this journal entry to help us track our own progress on a long term project, the Mistgod's Bookshelf of Imagination Project.  What we plan to do is eventually have a home built (very solid) bookshelf that will contain binders and albums containing all of Mistgod's imaginary worlds, his Mist World RPG setting, his art portfolio binders, the Book of Melian and Melian portrait albums.  The shelf itself will be painted up all fancy.  There might even be some space for some of our figurines.  
This is a long term project that will take a couple of years to complete.  Currently we are putting the Book of Melian into page protectors in a couple of nice binders.  We are also composing an album of WilliamRumley prints (many signed by the artist), with info about SexyCute and me as a SexyCute doll and vampire girly.  
Eventually, the entire shelf will be a nice display and collection of all the imaginary
Meztli72---SupportStamp by Me2Smart4U Melian's Bragging Page!Well, I have officially (as of October 4th) been on Deviantart for five years!  I love me and I have decided to make a big journal bragging all 'bout me in celebration!  :squee:  For any of my watchers who don't know yet, I am an imaginary persona brought to life on the internet by Mistgod.  I am just gonna kinda list out the super amazing things about me as a user (and imaginary personality) on Deviantart!  
My current stats! 
Note, as of today I have 703 watchers!  Yay!  Many of these peoples are super good buddies! :heart:  Many I have known for almost the entire five years I have been active on DA as a persona, and Mistgod knew some of them before that for many years (Mistgod has been on DA for almost 11 years). 
1,119 Deviations
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I run four groups!!
Mistgod and I are the founder/cofounder of four groups th



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hello! My name is Melian Marionette! I am an art muse and an imaginary persona portrayed by Mistgod. At least, that is what he wants me to tell you!

Some people hear voices. Some see invisible people. Others have no imagination whatsoever.

:star: Click Here for Melian's Thoughtform Profile :star:


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