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Hello! My name is Melian Marionette! I am an art muse and an imaginary persona portrayed by Mistgod. At least, that is what he wants me to tell you! :heart: rvmp

Some people hear voices. Some see invisible people. Others have no imagination whatsoever.

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Mistgod on Deviantart
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Bridge to Terebithia, Never Ending Story, The Fisher King;
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LOTR, Narnia Series
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acrylic paints, colored pencil and ink, MSPaint, GIMP



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Robotnik's Happy (Emoticon) :pc: rvmp

Snooping as usual on the DA forums?

Thank you so very kindly for faving! 😺

You're very welcome!

Hey :-D How have you been?

(writing here as the chat is still hopelessly buggy lol)

Oh my gods! DREAMY!!!! I love you! I have missed you so much! How are you doing? I am sorry Deviantart is so bad now. It hasn't gotten much better since you stopped being active here I am afraid. Misty and I got into doll collecting and doll photography since you were gone.

Yes, I am a aware xD

A shame that Buzzly thing didn't pan out, people keep getting crazier and crazier, and then there is the throwing of pedo accusations everywhere even against management. And on top of that, now all of them have "autism"

i used to say that progressivism was "Politics as an identity and a fashion statement", but I will have to add "self-diagnosed mental illness" to that.

The amount of she/they/non-binary/BLM/proshippers-fuck-off/i-have-autism clones on social media is overwhelming, like if someone was making them in a factory. I guess that is what happens when young girls try to "fit in" into a fundamentally ill mainstream culture

it's a sad thing, but community building for such kind of website is basically impossible when the vast majority of users are people who don't care about the interface, they would rather leave because there is too much freedom here, and they want a more puritan website.

I guess dealing with the horrors of the interface means that you are better at dealing with reality... well at least until they just turn the entire website into a giant "SHOP FOR CORE" button hahahahah

The entire thing feels scammy, wild promises of "making money off your art!" when the website itself keeps begging for money... which is not a surprise, by design artists are the majority of the website, possible buyers will always be a small minority, thus supply and demand are fucked.

I have been slowly getting a bit more active, earlier on I created an account for my challenges, and it was nice to see that some of the people who drew for my challenges are still around. But then they removed the search feature from favorites and made something as simple as featuring challenges hard, so even that got fucked.

This is the first time they mention "money constraints" as a reason tho... which leads me to believe Wix is making them save money, because you know, literally everyone is expecting a recession. The money printer can go brrrr only for so long, before you reach Zimbabwe.