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Excuse me while I die now. I am super proud of this, but boy was it a lot of work and thought. I really challenged myself with this one. It was already the kind of scene I've never touched before, and then I decided to give it the three-point perspective, two light sources of different colors and intensities, and to refrain from using layer blending modes as much as possible. 

It was done in the style of my Pokemon Pageant pieces, so I edited and used the same base by Meo24 as I did then. 
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THIS IS SO GOOD!! Honestly you did a STUNNING job with this!! All the little details and the lighting, is just so so amazing. * O* I'm dazzled. 
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Thank you so much, Anna. :hug: I know I've been kind of MIA, mainly because I was worried about the quality of my work declining. Hopefully this brings me back for round 2! 
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I don't know what you're talking about with your quality, I think your art is always really great!! 
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Once again, thank you very much for doing this commission for me! (I'm Pax from Subeta.)
I can see all the work and thought you put into this, as the piece looks very cohesive and well-planned out. You've shown versatility with your use of colour here, as well as with how you worked on the details that make up the scene. Great use of perspective, too.

I already said this in my reply to you, but it bears repeating here: You did a stellar job with everything, from the way you shaded him, to the background. I'm floored with all the details and textures you packed into this tiny scene. 
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You're very very welcome! :D I truly appreciate your compliments. You're one of the big names on Subeta so it was kind of nerve-wracking wondering how you'd feel about it. I may revisit it again later, as the floor is bugging me somewhat now that I've had a couple of days to distance myself from it. If I do so, would you like me to send you the update in a sMail, or here?
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Haha, I wouldn't really call myself a big name -- a lot of the people who knew me have since moved on from Subeta!
Either way you send the updates, if you pursue them (no pressure or rush,) is fine by me. :)
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