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Self Esteem

By Meli-Lusion
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Edit: many... MANY people on DA and tumblr asked me to put that strip on my main gallery so yeah, i did it finaly... 3 weeks later lol
I'll paste the description i wrote on Tumblr:

I don’t really mind about the accuracy of that shit. I know that self esteem isn’t a bad thing and stuff… It’s just the way i feel. I first made it for myself and feel better now : )
Sorry for my bad English by the way.

I read all the comments! Sorry if i don't reply...I don't have the time to reply all of you even if i want to ;-;
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Oh, look, a mood.

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Your self esteem is among the values that determines your mental state in any particular situation. Self esteem has a rather strong effect on your motivation. Your self esteem is among your core values and like all your values, it's a source of motivation for your actions. Building a terrific self esteem is important in young children that manner in which the foundation is set and they are able to become much better adults. If you've got high self esteem you are going to be confident that you're capable of taking the most suitable actions, while in case you have low self esteem you're going to be full of self doubt and fear which will result in procrastination and inaction.

There might be underlying reasons why a person is refusing to execute a task a supervisor directed them to execute. In fact it's rare to find them combined in sizeable amounts into one individual, and when that occurs, you own a genius. Sooner or later, individuals with higher self-esteem seem in order to rationalize destructive behaviors towards others utilizing the idea which they are superior.

The secret to increasing happiness, nevertheless, is choosing the most suitable relationships. If you think that greater happiness is something that you can achieve by yourself, think again. Before you're able to celebrate your life, you have to Honor it. You can boost your life, find true love, achieve serenityif you truly need to and you're prepared to do the job.

*Books To Improve Self Esteem* -->


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ScaranpannoirHobbyist Digital Artist
That's like me everyday, except everytime I realize it I think that I'm crazy, and that somehow makes me feel better.
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omarmajeedHobbyist General Artist
Saw this on 9gag. HAD to find the source. Great depiction of Anxiety. Good work.
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LinneacsHobbyist Artist
Hello! Sorry to bother, but someone posted this comic on tumblr.…
They said "artist unknown" but I'm not sure how that happens when your watermark is pretty obviously there. Have a nice day!
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DCFDTLdudeHobbyist Digital Artist
very relatalbe
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FluffyCreamHobbyist Digital Artist
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cloudedmiindsHobbyist Digital Artist
Man, this is the most accurate thing. So sorry you have to go through this too. We'll all struggle together, I suppose.
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FrancisJeremyXavyerStudent Writer
Damn, this is so true it hurts.
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I feel the same.
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So many of my friends are like this (and I am too, off and on) and I just wish I could hug them all and be there constantly even in beds so they could borrow my superhuge esteem of them if theirs isn't nice to them, even when they're going to sleep.

(and you too but it sounded creepy in 2nd person ;w; )
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Zelda85044Hobbyist Writer
It's so true, and so beautiful in its painful personification of how the internal can be just as excruciating as the external. 10/10.
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This is painfully accurate. Very well done.
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Somedays I am like her, it is so sad. And like a great person once said day by dya I try to fight and be the best person that I can be :)
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angelabsolHobbyist General Artist
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Geeky-BunnyStudent General Artist
Wow...I just related to that in an instant...
Before I saw this I drew something similar

I was talking to my darkness, my negativity and my hate persona...or something
Yeah, she was going to try to get rid of me because I tried to get rid of her

We are both fighting with each other still to this day.
Sometimes, when I look inside a mirror I wanna bring my fist to it..


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LocketLockeStudent Digital Artist
.......................... I can relate to this :(
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I know it may be hard to believe
But people who love you (they really do!)
They get really hurt by knowing you think they treat you that well because of feelling sorry for you or smth
It kinda sucks when your beloved says "No one loves me", and you're just freacking standindg RIGHT THERE, IF FRONT OF THEM

So don't you dare saying to them "I'm not" when they compliment you
Better think why they think of you so, instead of drowning yourself and helping that creature break you
I know, it's hard to increase your self-esteem, but
Just try to put on their shoes
Those people who love you
And who you believe less than that beast
And in any dark day of your life, remember all those compliments they said, and the fact they said it 'cause you earned it
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Sakura-4000Hobbyist General Artist
Wow... Just... Wow... This perfectly captures the internal struggles of many people including myself and... Wow... Thank you very much for this. (By the way, this does sound like Arthur. I like how you put him in the tags!)
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rem-agitasseHobbyist General Artist
This is absolutely beautiful. The concept is too real to even comprehend. I give your work a thumbs up, dear--no. Make it a million thumbs up.
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GamerSelkieHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have lived with that kind of creature over five years. I hated it and it drained so much of my life force. She has stoped visiting me but now those thoughts are just facts for me. I want to feel special, beautiful and confident but I don't know how. I want to belive in myself but I don't. I know nobody is perfect but I still demand it from myself. I have noticed that how am I supposed to survive in this life if I keep thinking that way? I want to know what to do but all I hear is just teasing clues. Never helping hand who would show me the way. I shout to myself about every mistake I make, shame every clumsy move I do. First thing I think when someone won't like me is what I do wrong. I know this has to stop but doing this almost ten years... it is part of me. Maybe she is not gone after all. Maybe it's me now.
Thank you for this comic. It is comforting to see that I am not only one here with these thoughts. 😊
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ChitiMouseOfficialHobbyist Digital Artist
Ask for God in your heart. He will take care of you. ☺
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MetellaStellaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Try meditation or self-hypnosis. There are plenty of assistance videos on YT. Look for one you like.
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GamerSelkieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey me again. Checked out that video and it was great. My first try something like that and was really cool and feeling after was really good. So thank you so much again ^_^.
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