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I gotta say... No, I gotta scream what's on my mind...

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While i know a ton of people have done these stupid lists (and probably one just like this), i had the idea to do this one while making dinner and decided "What the hell?". It's for Melen to read if He wants to (though i'm sure He already knows most of it) and an exercise for me (That's not to say "NO ONE ELSE READ IT!!!" - by all means, if you want to, read it.). i'm always saying "i hate [blah]" and rarely do i ever say "i love [blah]" so i figured i'd think about the things i love and i'd do it to the tune of my five senses and  throw in things i like to say and do for good measure. There not in any particular order of importance and i'm not holding anything back in this. There are things on my lists that are neither socially acceptable nor "child safe" (this is my disclaimer), hence the maturity warning.

10 Things i love to hear

1) my name on Melen's lips. my given name is loraine (one "R"), which, for some reason, i hate way more than my nickname, which is lori (no really... if you call me loraine i'll at least refuse to answer, at most refuse to speak to you again depending on my mood). When i'm able to choose between the two, i use lori but to be honest i'd rather use rayne. However, when Melen says "lori", no matter what tone, it somehow makes it a name worth having.
2) Good girl. i'm like a friggin dog. A little thrill goes through me whenever someone says that to me. i love to know i'm doing well.
3) Slut. Even when it's in malice, i love to hear people call me a slut. i think it's funny when people think they're insulting me by calling me a slut. To me, it's a compliment. Yes... i am very different from most females.  
4) Church bells They're just so pretty.  
5) Motorcycles i don't like them so loud they hurt my ears... that's just fucking annoying. However, there are few sounds as thrilling as a motorcycle engine reving or speeding by.
6) People screaming on "scary" rides The mesh of voices locked in terror and delight is so incredibly appealing.
7) Melen's barely audible moans when He cums God what a turn on. It's like "Fuck, He's done and i'm ready to go again!"
8) Melen's voice on the phone Talk about sexy.
9) my mother concerned my mom rarely showed me when she was concerned about me when i was growing up because she thought i didn't care about her (a product of me repeatedly running away). So i thought she didn't care about me. Now, anytime we talk about anything that's bothering me, she gets this "Are you sure you're okay?" tone in her voice. i wish i had that growing up.
10) Music It doesn't always matter what kind, though trance and meditation music are my favorites.

10 Things i love to feel

1) Melen's hands on my body Or any of His body parts. mmmm Especially one...
2) Grass Preferably on my feet, but i like the feel of it anywhere on my body.
3) Bones under flesh i don't know why i like this.... Usually it's small animal ribs, like kittens or birds. They're so small and they feel so interesting and you barely have to touch them to feel them.
4) Fur But only if it's synthetic or still on the living animal.
5) Warm blankets Preferably really fuzzy ones.
6) Breasts Especially pressed against my chest. i used to hug all my female friends in high school just to feel that.
7) Pain Not internal pain, the kind from being sick or seriously injured. Just external pain. And preferably from floggers. But any kind will do.
8) Melen's little wet kisses on my shoulder blades No tongue or anything, He just puckers up with His always moist lips and barely even presses them to my skin. Any old time will do, but He usually does it in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. It's pure heaven.
9) A cool breeze Just between gently chilled and frigid.
10) The ocean Whether in a boat or laying in the water, the rocking of the ocean just makes me feel totally alive. Oddly enough, it's never really the same thing no matter the way the waves are in any other body of water.

10 Things i love to taste

1) Melen's cum There's no other taste like it in the world.
2) Pussy i *am* bi, you know.
3) Fresh baked, still warm bread dipped in melted butter
4) Coffee on Melen's lips i love coffee no matter where it is, but on His lips it's just that much better.
5) Cigarettes i didn't quit because i didn't like it. i quit because Melen wanted me to.
6) Lipstick Especially the really thick, really cheap, really waxy kind.
7) Ocean water It's just so sickeningly salty.
8) Chocolate chip cookies
9) Cinnamon pop tarts with peanut butter spread between them Just... heaven melting in your mouth. It's messy if the pop tarts are just out of the toaster, though.
10) Leather i've liked the taste of leather since i started playing tee ball.  i used to chew on the stray latigo holding my glove together.

10 Things i love to smell

1) Leather Just as i've loved the taste of leather since i was small, i have also loved the smell of it. Sometimes i'll just walk to our closet and hold one of the floggers to my face and breathe.
2) Pussy It just smells really yummy!
3) Gasoline This is a love/hate relationship. Sometimes the scent makes me nauseous and others i wish i could safely huff it for hours.
4) Bleach Just makes everything smell so clean.
5) Lilac There's almost no better scent than the smell of a lilac bush on a warm summer day.
6) Old Spice Any of the different versions, really. i used to buy it for my dad all the time when i was growing up cause i loved to nestle my head into his chest when i sat on his lap and suck in that warm, spicey scent. Reminded me of grampa's pipes and the wood stove. Now that Melen wears it, it reminds me of waterfalls and rough sex. Interesting how our mental images change, eh?
7) Lavender Its pungent, soapy smell is just really soothing.
8) Downy fabric softener Any of them will do but the mountain fresh is my favorite.
9) Ocean air It's so crisp and yet so dirty at the same time.
10) Sheets scorching in the dryer We have an apartment sized dryer so when the outside of the clump of wet sheets is completely dry, the inside is still wet. Even if i reach in and adjust it so the wet side is out, it still gets that slightly scorched smell. i love it.

10 Things i love to watch

1) Melen push His glasses back up onto the bridge of His nose He doesn't do it with His fingers... not usually. He does this cute little one-sided wriggle lifting a nostril (usually the right one). It's just so adorable.
2) Ghost Whisperer Really good show.
3) Sad endings Things don't always have happy endings in real life. Movies and books set us up for such disappointment.
4) Melen type His fingers go so fast... it's almost hypnotizing.
5) The muscles and bones in my hands when i move them i don't know... it just looks cool.
6) Waterfalls
7) Sunsets Or sunrises, since really they're just the opposite of each other.
8) Cars turning
9) Spiders building their web i'm petrified of spiders, but i love to watch them work.
10) Snakes getting ready to strike

10 Things i love to say

1) That is fucked up, Daisy! It's from Girl Interupted.
2) Jesus fucking Christ Especially in a crowd.
3) You're just mad cause i love You more!
4) i'm NOT a monkey.
5) i hate Your job No matter how many times i say it, it doesn't make any difference. But i really do hate His job.
6) Sew buttons?
7) Wanna fight?
8) So do it! This usually follows Melen babbling about something He really wants to do.
9) Promise? To which He promptly responds with "Pumice? Why are you so damned obsessed with pumice?"
10) Wanna fuck? i usually get strange looks from Him or "Dirty girl." which only makes me want to fuck more.

10 Things i love to do

1) Have sex with Melen
2) Read
3) Write Not just poems and stories. i mean i love to write, with pen and paper, anything that comes to mind.
4) Geocaching Searching a marsh for McToys just really rocks.
5) Peel the inside of leaves off of the veins Either freshly picked green ones or dried brown ones. i've done this since i was a little girl. Something about the way they look once it's only the stem and the veins...
6) Hiking Being in the woods is just awesome. They're so big and i'm so small.
7) Ride on a roller coaster When i was a kid i used to force myself to scream to get the pressure out of my lungs on the big drops. Now i force myself to scream cause it's so much fun
8) Push buttons Both physical and metaphorical ones.
9) Cuddle with Melen He's so good at it!
10) Play games with Melen Doesn't matter if they're board games or card games or video games or whatever. It's just more fun if He plays too.

There's so much more i wanted to add, but i resigned myself to only 10 things in each category.

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