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Twin Falls 2


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Twin Falls 2


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Late Spring

I saw a leaf today It tumbled and tripped across the cool asphalt As rain dripped off the gleaming chrome of a muffler passing by It trembled and flipped between Armoralled tires Never quite getting caught I watched a leaf today Its crisp brown caught my eye as it passed over the white dotted line It shuddered as thunder rumbled both ground and angry sky It hurried along its way dancing on gusts of frigid breath Brown and dead Defying the pass of time Ignoring Springtime's call I saw a leaf today. And I was sad.


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Anxiety Attack

In silence waiting Holding my breath waiting Daydreams And nightmares Combining waiting Screaming Beating Fists against walls Heads against pillars waiting Numbness Through fingers and toes waiting Painful numbness Where it counts Stopping All flow waiting No Emotion No pain waiting BANG Bemusement


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Twin Falls 2

Photography - Waterscapes

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Flower Basket

Photography - Plants

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Photography - Architecture

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Cellphone Snap 2


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