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Twin Falls 2 by Melens-rayne Twin Falls 2 :iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 2 4 Rest in peace, our sweet girl. by Melens-rayne Rest in peace, our sweet girl. :iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 1 Wake by Melens-rayne Wake :iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 1
Mature content
Mrs. Wilkins Smith: The Safe :iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 0
Me Upsidedown by Melens-rayne Me Upsidedown :iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 0
Mature content
Corner of Bryce And Vanguard :iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 0
Mrs. Wilkins Smith: Packing 1
Wil pulled into his mother's driveway beside the large moving van and climbed out of his car. He glanced around at her forgotten garden and sighed as he walked to the door. It stood open and he could hear his men inside.
"Wow. This woman's got everything there is to have in this house!" an awed voice exclaimed from inside.
"Don't touch anything. Wil said there's stuff we can't throw out. Marlene'll kill him if we do."
"I'm here, Jackson."
"Hey, Boss. How'd it go?" The over muscled, puppy dog faced man stepped into Wil's line of sight as he spoke.
"Well, she's not happy, if that's what you mean. But she'll get through it. She's gonna like it there."
"That's good at least. Is it as pretty as the pamphlet?"
"Prettier. And she can smoke outside in the winter and still be warm. She'll like that."
"Didn't you say something about a garden club?"
Wil turned to look at the dying vegetation behind him. "Somehow, I think that will be lost on her."
A sad silence fell over the two friends as they b
:iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 0
Late Spring
I saw a leaf today
It tumbled and tripped across the cool asphalt
As rain dripped off the gleaming chrome of a muffler passing by
It trembled and flipped between Armoralled tires
Never quite getting caught
I watched a leaf today
Its crisp brown caught my eye as it passed over the white dotted line
It shuddered as thunder rumbled both ground and angry sky
It hurried along its way dancing on gusts of frigid breath
Brown and dead
Defying the pass of time
Ignoring Springtime's call
I saw a leaf today.
And I was sad.
:iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 0
Mrs. Wilkins Smith: Waverly 2
After leading Wil to the room and introducing himself to Marlene, Mr. Bronwin took his leave to give Wil and his mother time to talk. Wil took up a spot just inside the doorway and crammed both fists in his jacket pockets. As he planted a foot against the wall, he found something interesting on the floor.
"I signed the papers."
"I know."
"Am I so difficult to care for?"
His head flew up. She was smiling. He decided not to lie. "Not always."
"But I am sometimes. I know I'm not an easy person to get along with." She paused and Wil could feel her eyes on his face. "I'm not using again, Wil."
"I know. Mark told me. They tested you as part of the admissions process. It was negative."
Silence hung in the air for a moment. "I have HIV."
Wil didn't know what to say so he stared at her in blatant disbelief.
"I don't know why yur surprised, boy. You think yur daddy cared about clean needles and monogamy?"
Wil blinked to hold back the tears forming behind his eyelids. He was still speechless.
:iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 2
Mature content
Was it? Part Two :iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 0
Mature content
Was it? :iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 10 0
Happy Valentine's Day by Melens-rayne Happy Valentine's Day :iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 1 2
Mrs. Wilkins Smith: Waverly
Back on the road, Wil glanced over at his mama and smiled. The sun filtered through her freshly dyed hair giving the impression of a halo surrounding her head. She had chosen a bright red dress with black buttons running the full length of the front. It was split at the waist by a thick black patent leather belt.
The toe of one new patent leather heel was peeking out from under the hem beside her thigh. It glimmered like a thousand diamonds. Just dressing her up made her look so much better. He was excited to watch her transformation in the place he'd chosen for her.
As they passed the final strip mall before her new home, he ran over the list of things to buy in his head. New clothes, new shoes, new purse, cigarettes and a padlock with at least two keys. The lock was in the glove compartment.
Her overnight bag was in the trunk packed with brand new soaps, lotions, perfumes and every other toiletry he could think of that she might need. And he brought the box of costume jewelry she'd b
:iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 2
Mrs. Wilkins Smith: Diner
He hadn't told her where they were going. She wouldn't have gone, cigarettes or not. But he didn't mind lying to her so much. It was for her own good.
As they neared her favorite diner, he wondered when her last meal had been. "Mama? Have you eaten this morning?"
"I don't remember." Her eyes lit up and she licked her lips when she saw the sign.
Wil smiled in spite of himself and flicked on his directional. As he pulled into a spot in the empty parking lot, she reached over and squeezed his leg. "That's my good boy."
"Stay there, Mama."
"What? Why?"
"Mama, just stay there, please?"
She twittered something about never being ordered around so much in her life as he climbed out of the car, but she stayed put. Didn't even take her seat belt off. He stuffed the keys in his pocket and shut the door. Then he gathered himself a moment before walking to her side of the car.
As he opened the door, he held out a hand to help her out and she smiled up at him. "Why Wilkins Smith, Junior, I don't thi
:iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 4
Mrs. Wilkins Smith
She walked around the house picking up one empty pack after another - sometimes the same one more than once - and shaking it, listening carefully for the telltale rattle of one last overlooked cigarette. He watched silently with his hands folded before him as the look on her face got meaner and meaner.
"Where're mah smokes, boy?" Her thick southern drawl mixed with her toothless gums sometimes made it difficult to understand her. "You gettin' inta mah smokes again, boy?"
"Now, Mama. You know I don't smoke."
"That never stopped ya when you were a chil'."
"Mama, I told you. I never stole none of your cigarettes. It was Brand."
A smile broke on her face. It was like sweet morning sunshine after a week of rain. Suddenly, the face worn so roughly from years of gardening, drugs and alcohol dropped twenty years. He swore, in those rare moments, she was an angel.
"Brand. My angel. Where is he?"
His older brother had long since stopped caring what happened to Mrs. Wilkins Smith. He'd changed hi
:iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 2
Alyssa - Practice in PS by Melens-rayne Alyssa - Practice in PS :iconmelens-rayne:Melens-rayne 0 0

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1031 series 1 Pumpkin Carving by jdybowski
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Commission: Clouded Yellow by JessicaMDouglas Commission: Clouded Yellow :iconjessicamdouglas:JessicaMDouglas 143 83
Little Painted Boy
He still comes back to her.
          Twelve breakups,
        Six known affairs,
                Twenty-four cuts
                                 and bruises.
                  Two black eyes,
       Two hospital trips,
             One suicide attempt,
:iconadimus:adimus 5 2
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Hope is in the guest bedroom unpacking. It takes years to unpack in the guest bedroom. Actually, it just never ends. The mismatched pairs of socks keep multiplying, and the bed never molds to your shape. It is a slab of ambiguity that ensures that no guest ever feels at home. There's a pink cardboard Kleenex box on the nightstand and ruffles around the bed frame. It looks like a carbon copy of a Pottery Barn sample guest room. Those are dying rooms, not living rooms.
Hope's brother died in the war, and they sent his armpits and toenails and nostrils back to the country in a box with a flag draped over it. He was just bits and pieces; he didn't have the glory of decomposing like my grandparents. He got blown up for no good reason; the war never even ended. It was postponed, like a soccer game on account of rain. The idea's still there, but no one can fight anymore. We just wait.
Jeremy came back from the war, but he was no better off because of it. His armpits were still in the right pl
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