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Easter Egg Brushes

Egg brushes. Made in photoshop 7. They are 312px in size.
These work best using layer blends.


- On layer 1, do an egg in black.
- Make a new layer
- On that layer, do another egg in the colour you want.
- Right click on that top layer, and choose Blending Options..
- From the layer style panel that appears, choose a 'blend mode' from the drop down box.
- Using multiply, hard light or overlay generally gives a good effect. Make sure you have the preview box checked so you can play around with the effects
- Click ok
- you may want to increase the saturation to get a more vibrant colour. Just go to Image>Adjustments>Hue Saturation

Free for personal use only, and give credit to if you use them please! For commercial and credit free use, you can buy a license from my shop

Visit my blog Mels Brushes for lots more resources
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Awsome! I love them! Works with Photo Shop Elements 2.0
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Thanks fr working so hard on these! I used them here, in this picture.


Thank you. =3
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Just in time for a invitation I am making for the wife.......thanks for sharing!
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ooo. these are fabulous.
i can use them right? i always give credit.
sorry i'm new to all of this.
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yes no problem
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Used here : [link]

and also posted here [link]

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Thanks for the suggestions...:blowkiss:
I sure am going to play around with these..... :giggle: :juggle:
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