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Horses are really lovely


Today, my parents came to visit me at the ranch I work at. They're scared to death of horses, but I was explaining how they are almost completely harmless. I was showing them how to work around the horse without getting kicked. As they relaxed, the horse kicked me. I now have a broken leg. FML


edit: Oh this isn't my story, I just illustrated it. Sorry should have pointed that out. My leg is fine. :)
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The picture is adorable. I know, horses are harmless but sometimes they forget how big they are and what they can do:D
I hope you feel better soon.
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wow,love you`re colors and technique
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Lol so funny!
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aawwww thats really cuuuuute :3
I love it how you draw the horse^^:heart:
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That's a cute little story
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this is so adorable :)
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lol, at least he's sorry :heart:
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Aaaaw the horse with a bouquet is just precious :D
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Wow! I love this. Great colors, designs, layout and storytelling.
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I saw this on the Fml site, and I love it! The last panel with the horse and the bouquet made me "awww" :D
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i luv ur style so much!!
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WOW, such a lovely style this was done in! Beautifully illustrated and told too. I love it to bits. :heart:
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such an awesome cartoon! hope you dont mind if i stick it on my desktop so my mum can see, she's horse-mad.
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hehe no worries! thanks alot :)
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how did you do this?
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I'm going to write a tutorial on how I make my digital pieces soon... I'll let you know when I do :)

But basically, I draw a sketch, scan it, fill in areas of colours on different layers, and then apply textures using my own custom made photoshop brushes. That's the ultra short version :D
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