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People, I'm affraid I have two dicks.
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Well, I don't how to describe how I feel in this moment, but I guess I'm doing good. Asides the Heat which the Spring brings that pisses me off easily I have been very calmly.

However, I've been doing some changes in my life. Erasing people from my mind and starting to feel comfortable with my own self. So I'm affraid that due to these circusmtances I might have the necessity of not using DeviantArt for a while. School is being kinda hard this semester also I must deal with some IRL issuess before I finish this year. That and the fact that I found a new passion in my life.

I'm getting rusty in my GFX, if you want to take a look at the last sig I made here is it:…

Now...about poetry...

        My pen never will perish
                     none of its memories will  ever vanish.

Jah Bless.
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These past weeks have been pretty good in my life, in few words this is what I've been up to:

I'm enjoying that as much as I can this peace.
I'm trying to find a new inspiration to write poetry again.
Still practicing GFX stuff.

So I hope upload new stuff this month, so keep an eye at it.
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So yeah what the title says,it's been an easy first week to start this semester,though i miss some old friends had  to leave,it's not the same,anyways going emo is not my Style~.

During my boring  Flash classes i've been trying to get some new poetry,so expect something new!

Then let's finish this entry right now~~

By the way check my lastest deviation
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Yeah this fucking weather doesn't make  any good to my mind

anyways hasn't been that bad though

Let's keep working in GFX i've been trying new styles as some of you noticed,hope you like them.
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Hell yeah, i got the note i needed to pass my Chemistry test,GFX is going well, so weather,all is going on so smooth.

Gotta still work more in my poetry than in GFX stuff.

Peace ~
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Gotta lurk here,so i have to study some chemistry but meh that will be later ~

So i'm trying to make some requests i had like An Evangelion Wallpaper why not? :V

Geez kudos for me :3
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Failed at Chemistry this semester

whatever this is my  first Day at Deviantart so i'd try to keep here most of the possible time.
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