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Awoke up with the taste of the deep anxiety  in her throat.

Decided to finish this unworthy life
this human being approaches towards a lonely land
not wanting people around her.

She does not care about not locking up the door
she does not care about burglars
she does not care about the neigboors making a fuss of it.

She just runs. Far, far away from her present
as if for running her problems would vanish.

The life of this woman has been full of lies
tears were damping the sterile ground
she's uncertain about what awaits her in the future.

Fate is a shared cicle
You cannot interfere with it
if you attempt to, people's fate around you will change as well.
For every action there is a reaction and in turn, another reaction.

Suddenly, forests turn into a long shelter
her trembling legs and purple lips.

The sound of the crushed dry leafs
and the whisper of her breathing
sounds which are being recorded as her last memories.

She has not been sleeping for days
thou her body is showing the after effects
her whole life has been ready to reach its  last step.

Just before finishing her existence
she wonders herself if she would be able to make it
the tought of those persons called family is very ambigous to her, no more like she never knew what the word family meant
the memories of her lifespan causes her to almost break down.

Doubts fill the confused mind
a knife she is holding in her hands
she places the blade against her chest
egoism takes away the indecision of his heart.

As soon as she laughed to death
her existence ended on this world.

Silence stagnaited the air
an unexpected event has just happened

I wonder if such a place seemed her smile
the look of the drawn happiness in his mouth
and the horizon sight in the west
regard their endings, both shared the same joy.

Were not the verses to spare
nor the poem to overlook
the love falls forever below the novel.

Tonight, poetry hung up rhyming.
Funny how this started with a couple of random sentences from here: [link]
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January 22, 2011
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