Because love is...

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By MelchiaX

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Your skin is the canvas and you eyes are the stars
in this milky night where the moonlight reflects your smile
with frozen breath and pencils at hand here I lie
beholding your bare figure and every single golden hair strand.

Because love is inhibition.

My brush and the ink become one
resembling the love act we perform without any illumination but the fireflies glow
moans and cries fusing with the cicadas call, composing a novel nocturnal chant
likewise, the brush dexterously scraps away the delicate canvas, in a rough yet tender manner.

Because love is delight.

This art session is reaching its end
similar to our existences which someday may disappear as well
vanish into nothingness ----

Because love is eternity.

Looking up at the result
I can see nothing but a scribble; I have finally resolved this riddle!
extending your hand there you are
gazing at you, I finally realize.

Because love is understanding.

True Beauty cannot be depicted this way alone

Because love is partnership.

Let ourselves be portrayed together
holding hands and waiting for tomorrow
accompanying your heavenly smile a gracious melody can be heard
is the sing of the romantic robins, making us fanfare.
Welcome the dusk to be the artist, and the azure night the canvas
just wait a little bit longer, my beloved
this session is scheduled to be larger than that of mine.

Because love is patience.

We will remain like this, until the end of our days.

I tell you, give me a wide smile.

Because love is, you and I.

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