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Bewitching Aileen's Conjuring WIP by MelburnArtist Bewitching Aileen's Conjuring WIP :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 6 0 Sadness in Dawn's light WIP  by MelburnArtist Sadness in Dawn's light WIP :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 4 0 Facial expressions #1 by MelburnArtist Facial expressions #1 :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 8 0 Bobsheaux and Ravenfox Tribute by MelburnArtist Bobsheaux and Ravenfox Tribute :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 23 16 Vanessa The Zoo Okapi by MelburnArtist Vanessa The Zoo Okapi :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 7 19 Toadflax the Castle Dragon by MelburnArtist Toadflax the Castle Dragon :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 14 22 Ol' Captain Barnacle Berkley by MelburnArtist Ol' Captain Barnacle Berkley :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 4 14 Meet Amina the Lycaon by MelburnArtist Meet Amina the Lycaon :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 5 16 Meet Altona and the Emerald Orb by MelburnArtist Meet Altona and the Emerald Orb :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 5 15 Meet Samantha the Hampshire Sow by MelburnArtist Meet Samantha the Hampshire Sow :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 6 6 Meet Desmond the Gardenvale Teruhorn by MelburnArtist Meet Desmond the Gardenvale Teruhorn :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 8 37 Meet Baxter the Malayan Civet by MelburnArtist Meet Baxter the Malayan Civet :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 11 28 Meet Fenwicke the Flamingo by MelburnArtist Meet Fenwicke the Flamingo :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 10 36 Meet the Amazing Bluestar Guardian by MelburnArtist Meet the Amazing Bluestar Guardian :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 6 32 Through The Unknown Realm by MelburnArtist Through The Unknown Realm :iconmelburnartist:MelburnArtist 7 35



Bewitching Aileen's Conjuring WIP
Warning: contains a bit of an upskirt... obviously.

Also a part of the art portfolio I am working on as well, I am slightly practicing a bit of human anatomy with a cartoon style. Although this is still a work in progress because I want to to make the background more vibrant but I don't really know how to currently but I'll figure it out.

I also hope you enjoy this lovely character and her pet as much I did drawing her and stay tuned for a better result.
Sadness in Dawn's light WIP
Another part of my art portfolio and this time I am working on an art piece that conveys emotion and contrast. So far I have drawn the character and half of the background done but I having trouble with the rest of the unfinished background.

You see, I wanted to make stormy/rainy clouds with a rubbing technique but I don't the right materials to make them. If anyone has any helpful suggestions, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, stay tuned for the final result . . . Soon-ish hopefully.
Facial expressions #1
At the moment, I am working on an art portfolio and I am currently experimenting different materials, styles and all the other bits and pieces. Here I played with cartoonish facial expression I slightly studied in a cartooning book.
Hope you enjoy observing these strange toon expressions :P
Bobsheaux and Ravenfox Tribute
From fighting the feral twin bears of wwwarea to defeating the mad cool cat of false copyright, these two have done it all!
Not only they're the cutest couple I have ever seen but they are really nice and fun people as well. Despite facing constant aggressive reactions from utterly stupid people, they mostly never lose their cool in within stressful situations.
I definitely reccomend anyone who hasn't seen their content to do so right away because they're pretty great to watch.

Cheers to the tough and devoted Ravenfox and Bobsheaux! :D
Bobsheaux TheRavenFox
On this forum, I will give your art comments if you give comments on my art as well. Comment on all five of them, you will get six comments in return for your feedback.
So happy commenting everyone! :D

Ol' Captain Barnacle Berkley by MelburnArtist   Toadflax the Castle Dragon by MelburnArtist   Vanessa The Zoo Okapi by MelburnArtist  
Meet Altona and the Emerald Orb by MelburnArtist
Meet Amina the Lycaon by MelburnArtist

Vanessa The Zoo Okapi

This humble, soft-spoken okapi loving life the city of Auckland loves the taste of manuka honey, soothing mud baths and constant appreciation from the zoo visitors every day of her life. Born and raised in captivity, she had no real experience of living the wild like her ancestors did before her but nevertheless enjoys the peace and comfort of her enclosure.

This all changed when she was taken from the zoo and placed in a horse trailer by a few menacing poachers who are trying to make a quick desperate fortune. But during the whole difficult okapi espionage which involve fleeing from the city and into the countryside, she fell out and ended up in the heart of the New Zealand wilderness with no clue on how to survive in it.

But with the help and advice of the local wildlife and farm animals in the area, Vanessa soon learns how to get around quickly and keep herself alive in the bush while trying to get back to the zoo that she knows and loves. Although she is pursued along the way by feral dogs, clueless hunters and the poachers themselves as well as braving the harsh weather and climate surrounding her. However, a great deal of determination and hope manages to help her through her long and perilous journey to get back home safely and unharmed while exploring more of the world she lives in.

Not much to say about this other that I finally drew an okapi I am happy with :P

Toadflax the Castle Dragon

Though he wanted to join other fierce dragons in their treasure stealing and knight juggling adventures, he was immediately denied and mocked by every dragon clan in the kingdom. This is because of not only his frog like dragon appearance but also his unintentional clumsiness and lack of true wittiness to be one of them.

 Undaunted by their rejections, he sets off to a nearby castle to capture a maiden to prove himself as a real dragon to others in hopes of finally joining them. After countless detours to the kitchen, Toadflax finally finds a lovely maiden in her chamber.

But instead of trying to capture her, he befriends the maiden after a long talk with each other about all simple things in life and their problems. With a new friendship, Toadflax no longer desires the respect and companionship with all the other dragons and tries to make himself stronger to protect his maiden friend from any dragon raids.

After he foiled a nasty dragon’s close attempt to kidnap the maiden to be his everlasting bride, he has been as a hero and guardian of the castle and earned a noble reputation with the people and small creatures of Vallarney. However, he has also earned notoriety amongst the dragons he used to look up to after foiling one of their most loved schemes.

I quite enjoying making this character, he just looks so fun! :D
Hope you you guys like it!

Ol' Captain Barnacle Berkley
With a fascination of exploring uncharted lands, a stubborn yet excited attitude and an ongoing plan to find lost golden cities, Bronx hired some pirates as his crew and set sail towards into the unknown waters of the sea beyond.
From fighting hordes of giant lions to finding the legendary chalice of thunder, the many adventures that bear and his crew tread upon are passed aorund as great stories within towns and villages throughout countless lands.
But one unfortunate day, a hasty and terrible plan to claim the valuable jewels of the skeleton queen from her palace dearly cost the old captain his loyal crew, his beloved ship and his prized collection of vintage smoking pipes.
Despite his deep loss and old age, the determined and adventurous bear still sails the vast waters by himself or with a willing traveller in hopes of discovering more secrets and fortunes while slowly redeeming his reckless actions of the distant past before its all too late.

Hope you guys enjoy this character, more are on the way soon :)
Meet Amina the Lycaon
Born a runt amongst a litter of warriors, Amina was quickly bullied by her siblings as well as other pups of her pack. Day after day, she never really felt happy but tried to remain positive despite her pack seeing her as weak.
But when the drought came to the pack's territory and the herds have migrated, Amina knew there was an opportunity to prove herself to her own kin. So she learnt how to become more quicker and smarter so she find a place for her pack to call home.

She then set out to seek a new territory beyond the dusty plains. Weeks have passed and she had found a plateau where there's lots of prey and water for the pack to live on. The pack now live happily at the plateau and forever praise Amina for her courage and dedication. But Amina still ventures out to explore the beautiful world she lives upon.
Meet Altona and the Emerald Orb
When was younger, Altona was abandoned in the city of Dalmerlington by the family that he never got to meet. He was then found raised by a clan badgers in the cathedral ruins near the town square. Despite being happy with his life with the badgers, he was determined to find out what to his family and others like him.
So one night, he ventured out into the dark streets to find an answer. In an alleyway, he finds a floating emerald orb who takes him to an abandoned hamlet where the answer he seeks lies. He finds an old tapestry depicting others like him flying to a place called Gardenvale. And so begins his life changing quest.
For this forum, I will give you comments if you give comments on my art. Comment on all five of them, you will get seven comments in return for your generosity :)

Meet Desmond the Gardenvale Teruhorn by MelburnArtist   Meet the Amazing Bluestar Guardian by MelburnArtist Meet Baxter the Malayan Civet by MelburnArtist   Meet Fenwicke the Flamingo by MelburnArtist
Through The Unknown Realm by MelburnArtist
I am looking for an artist who can draw me a good profile picture for my account because I am busy doing projects for people. please comment down below if you're interested thank you :)
Meet Samantha the Hampshire Sow
Not much is known about Sam's history or her ambitions. All she really desires is eating lots of McValligan Ice cream and sleeping on a comfy couch.
Though rumour has it that Sam possibly escaped from a farm as piglet and if she stops eating McValligan ice cream, she'll seek to have world domination and rule it like a tyrant. But regardless, these are all made up rumours ... hopefully.
Meet Desmond the Gardenvale Teruhorn
As the sole protector of Gardenvale for more than two hundred years, Desmond works tirelessly to keep out the dangerous and destructive creatures as well as forces of evil that seek to destroy and exploit his treasured land. Although he his friendly and understanding for half of the time, Desmond is not to be messed with when it comes to the residents, plants and wildfire that live peacefully in the vale. If you start tearing apart flowers and kicking moles across the plains, you should be writing your last testament before he comes and finds you.
Meet Baxter the Malayan Civet
Hailing from the deep and humid jungles of Malaysia, Baxter is looking for a dreamy and endless romance with a charming and caring soul outside of his territory. When he finds that special someone, baxter will absolutely treasure and praise them for endless years and almost gives them whatever they truly need.

Unbeknown to that particular special someone, he carries mysterious and potentially disturbing secrets of his true nature and intentions as well as the vague history of the rings he wears constantly.
Meet Fenwicke the Flamingo
Despite being outcasted by his small minded flock from his lake home, he keeps his head high by making various friends through his endless travels who accepts the bird for what he really is. Easy going and confident, he's willing to travel to new and different places in order to discover more the world he lives in, although sometimes the troubles and torment of his past come back to haunt him sometimes.


No journal entries yet.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi I am the Melburn Artist. Welcome to my gallery and I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I did drawing them. Feel free to send me a note to chat about art or other stuff anytime.


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