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2018 Commission Prices | CLOSED

Mon Jan 1, 2018, 1:02 PM


CLOSED - 6/22/18


My designs and Venomaws get 10% off any purchase above $10


- By purchasing you agree to my terms of service for artwork and designs
- I will begin after payment. Accepting Paypal USD and Points :points: only! $1.00 = 100 Points
* After the commission is done I mark your invoice as "Processed" and you will receive an email. It just tells Paypal the digital good is finished and sent.
- Prices may vary based on character and/or scene complexity and added details such as props.
- Prcies are per character. First come first served, 1 slot per person. No holds, so you must be ready promptly after claiming.
- Must have references and details ready when buying. I don't accept written/unclear references unless it's for a custom design.
- I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I feel uncomfortable or unable to draw it.
- Never use my artwork for profit unless I give you explicit permission. We can discuss Commercial use but it will require fees and extra rules.
- Uploading my art to other sites is fine, but always credit me and link to one of my sites.
- You may ask for progress, or check - QUEUE - to see how far I am with your commission.
- I can do edits after finished if it's due to my negligence. Edits because the customer didn't specify something may cost a fee.
- You may not edit my artwork without my permission.

 Do's and Don'ts 

✔ I do draw: Humanoids, anthros, closed species, monsters, (cyclops,nagas, taurs...) ferals. Most body types, light armor/weapons, tattoos, wings. Any sexuality, gender, couple type. NSFW content, nudity, light violence.
 I don't draw: Strong gore/violence. Real people. Complex armor/designs, complex backgrounds. Robots (Simpler/smaller parts are ok). Hateful/disrespectful content. Extreme body types or fetishes, NSFW of ferals or minors.


50X50 Pixel Icon: $4 unshaded - $5 shaded
100x100 Pixel Icon: $7 unshaded - $8 shaded
[C] - Kate by MelBaka[C] - Helianthus by MelBakaCOM - Suqarbunny Icon by MelBaka
Small Pagedoll: (About 200px tall) Unshaded: $10 Shaded: $12:
Big Pagedoll: (About 300px tall if standing) Unshaded: $15 Shaded: $18:
Animations: Sparkles/hearts/etc : $1-2  |  Blink/floating: $2  |  Bounce/Dripping blood/fire/etc: $3-5


Chibi: Unshaded: $18 Shaded: $22
Azael by MelBaka Enzo by MelBaka Bebe by MelBaka Aoi by MelBaka Shazami! by MelBaka
Chibi Page: Unshaded: $35 - Shaded: $45 (Comes with 3 chibis + 1-2 props)
[C] - Winston by MelBaka

 Icons / Busts ★

Icons $10
  [t] Eros by MelBaka [C] - indominusssd icon by MelBaka  COM - cyborgpuppyclock Icon 2 by MelBaka 
Black and White Bust $14-16
Black and White by MelBaka
Bust: Unshaded: $17 Shaded: $20:


Half Body: Unshaded: $28 Shaded $32:
Full Body: Unshaded: $36 Shaded $40 :
- Transparent/gradient/simple pattern = Free
- Simple: Clouds, fog, swirls, bed sheets, a wall, etc = $5-10
- Complex: Trees, scenes, buildings, etc: $15-25+ (varies, complex interior/exterior backgrounds may be declined)


- You and the character(s) must be 18+!
- If you want a NSFW commission please order via Note. It may not be posted publicly unless it fits dA's rules.
- We can also discuss doing a SFW version, or other alternate versions. That will cost extra as well.


- Examples below are in order of the bases listed.
- I am fine with designing custom MYOs for any closed species as long as you have proof you own the MYO slot.
- Venomaw ref sheets are allowed, can be off-base or on this base. The newer 2018 base is for my use only!
- Venomaw customs open on their own specific times, check here for details

- Base Price: $15  |  Partial Back View$5  |  Clothes$4 each
Bases: Vertege Big Base | Waitress Shortstack | Waitress Chibi 2016 or 2017 | Meloki Base
VIRUS - Reference by MelBaka  Kieran - Reference 2017 by MelBaka  Enzo 2016 Waitress Chibi Base by MelBaka  Camryn 2017 Waitress Chibi Base by MelBaka  Aurel Meloki Base Example by MelBaka

- Base Price: $25  |  Back views: Partial = $5 , Full = $8  |  Clothes: Chibi $4 - Regular $6 (per outfit)
Bases: Waitress Halcyon, Lucid, Chrysalis | LockworkOrange Fem Base
[C] JaxHaley Custom by MelBaka  Camryn - Reference by MelBaka   Quinn - Reference by MelBaka

- Unique lines for your character, drawn without a base.
- Base Price: $35  |  Back views: Partial = $6 , Full = $10  |  Clothes: Chibi $6 - Regular $8 (per outfit)
Cerise | Venomaw Reference by MelBaka  Erebus | Reference by MelBaka  Jace - Reference 2017 by MelBaka  [c] cuttiekittie193 by MelBaka Amorette by MelBaka

- Headshots: $8  |  Extra items/accessories: $5-8
- NSFW version: $1 (Must be 18+!)


- Colors
Body type+Gender
- Details: Markings/tattoos/piercings/scars/etc
Other: Anything else I should know
Paypal email: (or points)


- Character Ref: Must have a clear ref
- Commission Type: Type + Shaded/Unshaded
- Pose/Expression: At least a general idea. Refs are good too
- Other: Anything else I need to know
- Background: Transparent, Outlined, Gradient, Pattern, etc
- Paypal Email: I will send an invoice OR say Points



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MelBaka Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Student Digital Artist
alright that will be 40$ ^^ and yes you can pay parts with both paypal and points
Alii-ce Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome ill pay $22 in paypal and 1800 in points
MelBaka Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Student Digital Artist
alright ^^ send me your PayPal info and I'll send an invoice. and the points can be sent via the give option on my page
Alii-ce Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
alright paypal is and done the points! is it possible to get a sfw version of her?
MelBaka Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018  Student Digital Artist
sent the invoice over ^^ and yes you get a sfw version as well
Alii-ce Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I havent recived it maybe i typed my email wrong?
MelBaka Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018  Student Digital Artist
the email is correct then :0 maybe it hasn't showed up on your end yet
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