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February 24, 2021
[OPEN]Adoptable Set Price : Little fox by Melatine
Featured by Astralseed
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[CLOSE]Adoptable Set Price : Little fox


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Owner Lupemt 

You will get : un watermark illustration ,Chibi and headshot by Ujin2000



PAYPAL only.
Reply to the last bid.
Payment must be made within 2 day after my reply.
Credit me when use original art work in first time.
Can gift or trade. Please tell me the new owner.
Can edit my adoptable to be CS or whatever you want.
Do not sell for higher price.
If you delete / edits / hide / cancel bid. I’ll blackish. SERIOUS BID ONLY.
No refund.
personal used only.

Toy house - Melatine
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© 2021 Melatine
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"I'll give you two emereralds for that."

-Villager 2021, "The art of the bargain"

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Aww So Cute 😍😍
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Congrats on the dd!

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I have an oc with an extremely similar design but with different colors
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Too cute <3 Sweetness overload and meltdown into sugary goodness causing cavities at a distance of 200 yards.

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Really nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

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Why are they called adoptables when they're not free? So, it's not adoption so much as for sale? Someone explain.

Is it just a friendlier, yet more deceptive, way of saying FOR SALE?

Not being negative. Just genuinely trying to grasp the concept.

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Not all adopts cost money/some sort of currency! It’s really a word coined by this community in general to mean: a character needing a new home. They can range between original characters, weapons, animals, closed and open species etc. The original designer or the adopter can give them their own traits, stories, and a home!

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So, what do you mean by home? LIke whoever adopts gets written into the story or something like that? Or am I taking it too literally?

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It actually can be as literal as you say! But it doesn’t have to be! Personally, I just like creating cute characters and having very lite story involved (like how they would interact with one another).

But for some individuals it can be very in depth! It can range from being your DnD character, to role playing, to you creating a whole written/visual world for your characters!

Some communities make their own “species” (like a batch of specific visual traits that make them unique) and may set up a story or family tree for these characters! And you can join them and make your own characters!

In the most “commercial sense,” think Neopets! A community where you can adopt a pet (a unique character that you can dress up and play with) in this world with already written lore!

Adoptable are just a more personal and individual approach to that general concept.

ResistReality's avatar

Oooooooooooooh. So, it is adoptable because it becomes yours? Then can only one person in the world can have that character?

Thanks for all the info by the way! I figured it was something specific to DA but didn't quite get the term of art.

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Yup! It’s yours to keep! Every artist/designer might have their own TOS that is unique to them. Some may say you can do whatever you want to the design (like change colors, species to fit your story, etc), others may more strict, but the rules are never too crazy outside of specific species!

And no worries! It was confusing to me at first too, I’m still trying to get the hang of some stuff when it comes to specific species.

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💙Claim here💙

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