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I've had some general enquiries lately so it seems this information should come most welcome to my audience, whoever you may be. :) If you want some of my artwork, there are several ways to go about it:

PRINTS: Probably the cheapest and easiest method. You can buy a print from DA or directly from me. All prints directly from me come signed.

PERSONALISATION: Say you want something a little more personal than a print but don't have the money for a full commission? For a small fee (typically £5-£10 or so) I can modify one of my existing vector images to better reflect what you're after. I can change hair/eye/skin colour, modify the clothes and add small details here and there to make the image yours.

COMMISSION: The old fashioned way of getting exactly what you want. ;)  For pieces costing £40 or under, I require full payment upfront before I start. For more expensive pieces, a deposit can be paid up front and the remainder paid when the commission is complete. My commission guide prices are below. I look forward to working with you. :)

Intricate backgrounds are generally not included in the price. I tend not to do them by default, you see. The examples below are fairly accurate indicators of what you can expect. If you know how much you are prepared to spend and a vague idea of what you'd like, please don't hesitate to contact me as I can then give you the best possible idea of what you could get for it.

When the commission is complete, you will receive a high-res image suitable for print.

Sketch/lineart examples:
Eve - sketch by melarune DoodleBum 4 by melarune Almost An Angel by domkitty

Lineless vector examples:
Peppermint Tea by melarune ...Really? by melarune Is This Your Card? by melarune

Coloured lineart examples:
Rune Pirate by melarune Night Angel by melarune Mona by melarune

Digital painting examples:
Moon Maiden by melarune Set Your Love Free by melarune Dear Ophelia by melarune

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So, my print sales have seen a dramatic upswing, lately. THANK YOU! I wish I knew who has been buying them so I could thank you all individually.
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Happy New Year!

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While my 2011 was less than great, for a number of reasons, it was rounded out beautifully by the WACOM CINTIQ my dear parents gave me for Christmas. With a shred of luck this will result in plenty of new art for all you lovelies in the coming year! I have no shortage of things I'd like to do and my 2012 resolution is to get off my arse and do them. :)
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So, in an effort to eat healthier and generally be better for the local economy, I signed up for regular deliveries of seasonal produce. It has  been interesting to see what magical, unidentifiable foodstuffs I will be nomming for the next week. So far I have discovered that I like Swiss chard and purple carrots but do not like purple lettuce of any variety.

Today's delivery confronted me with a very prim little pumpkin and I briefly considered hacking something decorative/facelike/messy into it but then opted to just make dinner out of it. One onion, some spinach and handful of king prawns and tandoori spices later and I can confirm that my decision was a sound one. I regret NOTHING! :D

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Llama face!

1 min read
Apparently I have received 50 Llamas. Where did they all come from? :) I definitely haven't given out that many and I guess I really should return the favour.

Cheers guys :)
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