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Space Lincoln and the Underdogs

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© 2013 - 2020 melaphyre
This is a cross-over I made with :iconwebcomicunderdogs:’s mascot, Space Lincoln, and several other Underdog members’ characters. The cameos, starting from the left-hand side of the screen are:

Punk clothes and streaked hair:Sasha Saatchyan of Rasputin Barxotka and Rasputin Catamite
Cool wings: Mayy of Zelfia
Holding up a sword: Bran of Tec: The Echo Chronicles
Holding a gun: Catherine Hoxley of October 20th
Action pose chick: Fenny Baker of The Devon Legacy and The Devon Legacy Prologue
Dragged along by the pooch: The Girl and Baby of My Girlfriend’s Dog
Perched on the flagpole: Lucy of Bat and Bunny
Space Lincoln
Cyborg dog: Briggs of Split Open Seams
Muscular lady holding a bunny: Ruby Harrison of The Ruby Nation
Bunny held by Ruby: Spiders of Princess Chroma
Lil' green guy: M of Area 42
Kid with M: Sidney Conrad of Conrad’s Inventions
Snakes: Medusa Bava of Steampunk Gorgon
Superhero in black and yellow: Xolotl (aka The Black Mudpuppy) of The Black Mudpuppy
Blue guy with horns: Stem of Kyria
Dog with balloon: Simmy of Control Your Offspring
Lady in black and purple: Pato (aka Purple Space) of M9 Girls
Lady with green hair: Leawyn Vilanar of Stargazer’s Gate
Dude at a desk: Pete of Webcomic Pete
Blond lady next to Pete: Stephanie Rossum of Groovy, Kinda
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cuzimjoeHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awesome, I love the balloon around Simmy's head
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Thanks! Space balloons are fun.
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NitztheBloodyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Space Lincoln and the Underdogs is a hell of a band name. Great job!
melaphyre's avatar
Darn, now I wish I'd given Lincoln an awesome guitar! Oh, the missed opportunities...
WebcomicUnderdogs's avatar
Looooove it!!! Thanks so much! Everyone looks so awesome? Do you mind if I save this image to our Space Lincoln fan art gallery? 
melaphyre's avatar
By all means! Feel free to do with it whatever you like.
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bohlonutsHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool! I havent logged into the site in a while, wish I could've seen what brought this about!
melaphyre's avatar
I actually posted asked for requested on the Webcomic Underdogs forums. If I do it again, I'll probably post in more than one place, but it'll be a while before I'm up to it.
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Ah, I always wondered what a poor gorgon would do if went for diving, as a normal helmet would not fit over her big snakes. I figured out it would have been either a giant globe helmet or even a lot of tiny helmets fpr each snake. So, you found the same solution for space. Great!
melaphyre's avatar
The way I figure it, all those snakes can do the breathing for her. That doesn't really explain why she can yawn in space though. I guess she's just that chill.
SteampunkGorgon's avatar
Not a big problem. Do you renember "Robinso Crusoe on Mars"? (196 and maybe UK, if I renember right, but fine movie). She is just taking an oxygene pill. As her snakes have no own digestive system, they can't take pills and get helmets instead.
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MikePodgorHobbyist Writer
This is utterly fantastic. I love how happy M looks. His happiness matches my own.
melaphyre's avatar
I'm glad you're happy with it! You did say M was near and dear to you, so indeed he's the one I went with.
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calthyechildProfessional Digital Artist
My favorite part is how Pete has a desk in front of him to hide his crazy robot legs with like spider legs that have robot bicycles or whatever. Leawyn and Pato look like they could be buddies forever too. Anyway dang, that's a lot of characters in one image! :D o_o
rulopotamo's avatar
Leawyn looks like the type of friend who will get you in trouble. I like how she has this enticing look while chatting with Pato. She probably convinced her to go adventuring cross-dimension after the cross-over =)
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calthyechildProfessional Digital Artist

Leawyn is currently pretending to be the sensible one in my story. Every bit of it is a lie, she's destined to be Trouble as all of my Dream-aligned characters are. Not only would she convince Pato to go adventuring but she'd make it look like it was Pato's idea and she was just along for the ride. She's a good liar. Eventually she'll get over it and be an honest instigator. Cross-dimension shenanigans forever! (fistbunp)

They look like they'd be pals while finding treasure in Dimension #65 though.

So is Pato up for it? Rofl.
melaphyre's avatar
Yeah, I wasn't quite up for drawing those crazy legs. Even I have my limits. 
I like Leawyn's outfit, by the way. It's very pretty.
calthyechild's avatar
calthyechildProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! I aimed for a lot of asymmetry in the designs for SSG and since Leawyn is a major character I wanted something that was easy for me to draw but still appealing with the off-balance thing I have going on. Also something I could easily do modifications of but keep the same general look for as time goes by.

Ahh character design! It's kind of fun. :D
rulopotamo's avatar
Hippo is jumping on his feet like crazy. I so love this drawing. I knew I would love your take on Pato. Congrats on this epic job. Grab a cold one and relax now.
melaphyre's avatar
Thanks! Pato's a fun character to draw. I like her wild, curly hairstyle.
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vaslittlecrowProfessional Digital Artist
I am so impressed with the detail in this.  The little helmets on Medusa's snakes are precious. And Ruby with Leopold... so... many feelz. And that is totally a Sasha outfit, for reals.
melaphyre's avatar
Sasha took more time than anyone else to finish, but also came with the most creative freedom, so I really ran with it. I'm especially happy that you like the result, because I've never done a design quite like that before. It was a load of fun!
vaslittlecrow's avatar
vaslittlecrowProfessional Digital Artist
Sasha is always like that for me. I never know what zie's gonna wear or not wear, and I am more of a perfectionist with that particular character. I always find that curly topped fashion horse, to be exciting to draw. Also, the more I read Zelfia, the more I realize that they would get along famously. Good pairing!
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liekomgkristyStudent General Artist
Wow, awesome job! This looks like it was quite the undertaking! :) Thanks for including Bran in it.  He looks great, as do all of the others!
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