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Aqua pura

By melannc
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*** this is an unretouched image*** 

Model: Me

© Michael Cordiez 

Vancouver, BC

See more of Michael's work here:
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© 2015 - 2021 melannc
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It's been a while. I drifted across your profile this morning having coffee. I could never be in a relationship with you. I'm afraid I'd walk around in a constant state of "excitement" and it would be obvious. You are the most beautiful thing to walk this earth. I mean that.
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SPLENDID          SPLENDID               SPLENDID 
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now thats what I called being wet!
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Thank you!

...and best of luck with your photography!  :)
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Amazing! So deep! Congrats, bautiful work!
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Oh how I would love to see you on the bow of my boat naked and bathed in gorgeous sunlight.
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Natural beauty in all. 
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Sei meravigliosa
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Nice with the harsh lighting.

I think my favorite part is the way your fingers are just barely touching the water.  It's a tender, almost sensual touch, the way you might brush your fingers across the skin of a lover.

Compared with your other recent photo, with your back to the camera, you look VERY present here, with your attention totally focused on the feel of the water around you.

I've noticed you seem to like doing shoots around water or streams.  It seems like a very comfortable environment for you -- you are completely in tune with the water. ;-)

Beautiful work!
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Ahhh--such beauty seldom seen!!!
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I came back to enjoy the tranquility of this photo and your exceptional beauty.
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 I've found some peace here i think
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Excellent photo.
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Thank you Sean! :)
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:) an incredibly lovely capture!
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Thank you!!! :)
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