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Welcome to MelancholyMarket!

We collect beautiful, wistful, melancholic art. We only accept art with a melancholy theme! Must be new art (from 2019 onwards). Only finished, polished, well-presented art!

Only gallery-style art! This means no design sheets, works without background, comics, split screens, DA watermark, text, frames, logos etc. We don't accept nudity, mature content, violence, suicide, gore, horror, political etc.

I can barely conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no melancholy.
Charles Baudelaire

Nothing's so dainty sweet as lovely melancholy.
Francis Beaumont

Melancholy is the happiness of being sad.
Victor Hugo

Members' Art from MelancholyMarket

Fri Aug 30, 2019, 6:07 AM
The beauty of melancholy, a selection of members' art from MelancholyMarket.

A Rise to the Stars by Sara-Arasteh

The Dream Of Druid by vespertinefaelivrin

Importus Co? by milkcupie Letter To Self by LilykoiArtStudio

Ae2 by ArtofMatt86

The unveiling by rollarius55 Kuchisake-onna by InkYami

Friends by helgmonfald

Dante by ania-tomicka Ukryta by Kurierka

Once Upon A Time by DolceLunaCreations

Baby-girl by isletree. . . Sunflowers . . . by ChIandra4U

Light of dreams by Istoma

* * * by aloner777 the perfume by Erdbeerstern

Wisp of a Soul.. by WhimsicalBlue

Emotional dependency by KlarEm

white mage blues by Seiashun No Name or Face by KanchanMahon

Gloomy Sunday by MoxxiMonroe

Fix Me by Cosmimarshmello Garden of Death by Sadist-Ka

# The Muse of music by Mishkina

Miles Away v2 by YaelPardina

S 2038427 by jacobmadamour

The Report of the Week by sarabraun1 Hello, Mr. Stranger by Selvagemqt

Storm by Araaraa

Angelica by CoolSkyWind

I miss. Let's make peace by Irsanna

Inked#11 by VitaliaDi Dreamcatcher by r-lilie

Inner Demons by SireneArcana

Mister Redbreast by MarieStars Wendy by Starina-Lenore

Show me your heart by Nabs-Draws

Hidden - to all my friends by DolceLunaCreations

I'm Not a Girl by larryh Leaving Iowa 2B by rrileyillustration

Frederichstrasse Portrait 2 by ProletarianGothic

Brushstrokes of RecoveryStep one.
Take the brush and
gently dip it in black
before you put it on
the canvas and paint
the night sky.
Slowly you cover
the canvas in darkness;
soon not a speck of light
will be left in your
[painted] world.
Step two.
Clean the brush and
Listen to what the doctors
tell you and remember
the meaning of all
that medical
Step three.
You try to get up
but you can’t.
It is as if you are
chained to this stool;
like your life.
Hold on to the brush
and pick a dark blue
don’t forget to look
up at the clouds
making darkness
contrast with
what used to be.
Step four.
Push the memories
of a past life away
you know that thinking
about it will make you
want to paint in black
Step five.
Sing a song while
longingly looking at
white paint;
wishing you were
ready to use it
but instead you pick
Purple like the bow
you used to wear in your hair
before your life
was overtaken by doctors
and words you never
RunGo, then -
run where the end of the world
waits on silent haunches.
My many mouths will not stop you.
You like how the air slips
and the sun is siphoned
in a jar.
You like my discomfort -
thin broth and blankets
and my chapped lips
chasing rain across the glass.
I will not lie down
or wallow.
I will not cup you
in my hands
or make a hymn
from your destruction.
I will only pretend to sleep,
to breathe you in
like a blister
and believe your leaving
is my final word.

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New Members of MelancholyMarket

Mon Aug 19, 2019, 5:17 AM
Hirondelle by loomiecreate

6 by Llingy

music of the devil by PapaJohn7

Out of time by ArtoSS13

S 1108503 by jacobmadamour

Window by Fiendcute

It's Not Fair by larryh

Candied pain by blacksparrow12

t h e \\ o v e r t h i n k e r by charoncreates

Harlequin by Hattusha

Persona by Nickdewaele 

Wip Blood Countess by Stripey-sleeves

The Unknown by SolDaath

Old Habits never die by TheShinyOne333

Dawn by KristianTsvetanov

Summer solstice by isletree

stuck in the mud by Herzlose

Fireflies  by NobodiesHeartless45

Olezzo di Boschetto by milkcupie

Forest by Poetrymann

Im Schutz der Daemmerung /In the protection of daw by Kunst-und-Emotionen

Momentary Moonlight by Pennovich

Znak na stene by Erdbeerstern

I've never been born by AlexandrinaAna

Welcome new members :heart:

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Salvation by ania-tomicka

Study on Schikaneder by MHandt

The Goddess Rebirth by artistdude1013

Sinking by MarieStars

Albuginea by AFANTINI

Moonlight Messenger by FLOOKO

Nothing burns like the cold by Aya-Lunar

Captivate by DannikaSull

Poison by MarieStars

Flamenco by gifter

'walking,thinking'  90cmx70cm by glenox66

The splendor of the night. by DreamyNaria

Odin and Huginn by Angelica-Reveries

Vanitas by FrerinHagsolb

Prayer by Sadist-Ka

Nerdanel by Marhelf

Mister Redbreast by MarieStars

Hybrid by Miriel3

Untitled by AlexisART3

11th June by chiriiko

angel by Anton-Constantin

Man on a bench by Rippingaxe
Inked#8 by VitaliaDi

An Old Friend by dopename

Sun by freedomMT

The silent penitent by rollarius55

Made of Rain by Sara-Arasteh

persona by netoper

Curiosity by Arehara

Simonetta Vespucci by KristianTsvetanov

Pris - Awareness of Mortality 2 - Blade Runner by MothvalleySage

Star Speckled by MomaMomami

Settling in Peacefully by SighBugs

A pond at Haikko Manor by KorsonOraakkeli

Unicorn by r-lilie

Andliga Varlden by eiyia

Thank you all artists!


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Art from MelancholyMarket

Mon Jun 10, 2019, 9:08 AM

New Members MelancholyMarket

Fri Apr 26, 2019, 10:31 PM
Welcome wonderful new members :heart:


Vanya by YaelPardina

Dany by YaelPardina

Silence by JMajewska

Plant II by JMajewska

Identity I by JMajewska

Foggy road by ivanaanemon

Close to nature [C] by ivanaanemon

Oraculum by SireneArcana

Unknown tree by quynhchu91

Some where only she knows by quynhchu91

Pierrot by Angelica-Reveries

winter palace by madre-superiora ashes to ashes by madre-superiora

Sonnet VIII by ElizabethHolmes

The Dream came true by ElizabethHolmes

Push by DannikaSull

Texture Study by DannikaSull

'Bright Side' ~ Self Portrait by DannikaSull

Thank you all artists :heart:


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