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YGO 5D's OC: Norio Ushio

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Norio Ushio, 牛尾法男, (NORIO (法男): Japanese name meaning "man of law.")

Gender: Male
Age: 20
D.o.B: March 15
Height: 183cm (6'0")
: 88kg (194lbs)
Deck: Ally of Justice
Riding Duel: Yes!

Family: Ushio and Mikage's son. He has a younger sister, Mizuki. Norio cares and respects his parents a lot. Both of them being police officers, Norio grew up with a deep respect for the law and couldn't help but follow their steps. He and Ushio are as much friends as partners and have a great father/son relationship. He is caring and patient with his mother and has no problem helping her with housework when he can. He is also a kind older brother, caring and taking care his little sister, trying to spend time with her dueling or training/working out together, but if he must he can be strict, scolding Mizuki for hanging out with gangs or driving her duel board above the speed limit.

Appearance: Norio is a handsome young man, having the best features from his parents. He has his father's black hair, and his mother's brown eyes and pale skin. He keeps his hair longer than his father and ties it in a small ponytail near his neck. His casual clothes consists a white shirt with a loose blue tie, blue jeans with a brown pocket belt and brown shoes. His ears aren't pierced and hasn't wear any accessories, but he has a tattoo at his left arm; the kanji symbol (正義) for the word 'justice', which he hit when he joined the police.

His job's uniform is the typical green Security outfit with a yellow scarf and a grey double deck holster belt. He also wears grey fingerless gloves and black boots.
(For more information, check reference sheet above)

Personality: Norio is the very athletic type who works out many hours at the gym and knows many martial arts too. Therefore he has a well-formed and muscular body. He is a strong-willed man, mostly quiet and keeps a tough expression on his face for the breakers of the law. This behavior can make him look cold and emotionless, but he has his bright moments and he is very friendly and loyal with those he cares for and likes. He is also a very neat person and likes to have his things clean and in order.

He is obsessed with his job, to his mother's greatest complaint, since she often tells him to hang out with friends or date more and it's not a secret that Norio has many achievements with the female gender. However, he is devoted to his duty, as a police officer, putting his job as his first priority. He wants to make the city safer and he can't stand any infringement. He is young but he can be really strict and he follows the wording of the legislation to the last detail.

Duel reference sheet: Duel ref. sheet: Norio by MelanAnime Old ref. Sheet here: YGO 5D's OC-old ref: Norio by MelanAnime

More about Norio: Siblings by Hikaru-Uke97

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Norio Ushio © MelanAnime
Art © by MelanAnime I used a reference for the main pose.
Texture brushes ©:
By KeReN-R : My 14th abstract set..
By midnightstouch : Crystalline Corners
By kabocha : Sparkle Brushes
By redheadstock : Light Beams + Rays Brushes
By Falln-Stock : Smoke Brushes Set 2
Credits to my dear friend nettaigyo for her precious help and advises and EndlessNight025 for proof-reading.

Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle
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The son of Mikage and Ushio!? My dream has come true XD
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
thanks dear!!! :) i'm so glad you like him and for supporting the same couple!!
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No problem! 
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He looks awesome!!
Great job Mel! Hug 
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
yay!!!! he looks way better huh?
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Yes he does!
I really like the Police Uniform!
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
yeah, me too.. it wasn't easy but it was all worhty!!!! :la:
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Ieshianicole33Student Writer
Cool! :D
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
thank you!! isn't he look awesome and handsome? i like how he turned out a lot!!!!
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Looks great!
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
thanks!!! i really like how he turned out!
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You're welcome^^
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thank you!!!! :la:
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np ^^
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