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YGO 5D's OC: Koichi Hayano

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Koichi Hayano, 早野光一 (KOICHI (光一): Japanese name meaning "light/shining first (child).")

Gender: male
Age: 9
D.o.B: July 9
Height: 143cm (4'8'')
Weight: 35kg (77lbs)
Deck: Psygusto
Riding Duel: No!

Family: Tenpei's and Ruka's only son. Koichi really loves his parents and always try to make them proud. He may not have siblings but he thinks of himself as a member of the huge 5D’s family and deeply cares about everyone. His uncle, Rua, has a special love for him and he spends a lot of time with him whenever he is back at Neo Domino City, playing and dueling with him.

: Koichi has short, brown hair and his mother's hazel eyes. He usually wears grey jeans that reach a little below his knees and a light blue t-shirt. He also has on grey wristbands and white-blue sneakers.

His school uniform consists of a white shirt, a dark blue jacket with white lining (and the 'DA' logo of the Neo Duel Academia), a yellow tie, and black pants. Koichi prefers to wear his everyday shoes even at school, instead of the brown typical shoes that complete the Academia's male uniform.

(For more information, check reference sheet above)

Personality: Koichi is a quiet and very shy boy who prefers to be alone with his Duel Monster spirits, as he has a strong connection with the Spirit World just like his mother. Since he inherited Ruka's ability, Koichi is also capable of sensing other people's hearts and intentions. Therefore, he has his own special way seeing the world and the people around him, but most of the time he prefers to keep to himself. He never causes any trouble as he never gets into fights or anything, since he always tries to avoid every unpleasant situation. He likes when everything flows peacefully without problems or suffering and hates it when someone gets hurt; he offers his help at every chance, even if no one asks for it. 

Since both of his parents are teachers at Neo Duel Academia, Koichi never thought about studying elsewhere such as the Arcadia Movement, the School for Gifted Children. He is a bit of a nerd and spends a lot of time alone studying and because of that, he achieves really high grades. He is also a strong duelist for his age and has special bonds with his cards.

Duel reference sheet: Duel ref. sheet: Koichi by MelanAnime

More about Koichi: Commision [MelanAnime] by Irenechii Request: MelanAnime by TsukiMikaX3

More OCs:
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Koichi Hayano © MelanAnime
Art © by MelanAnime I used a reference for the main pose.
Texture brushes ©:
darkrose42-stock : Bubble brushes
By Tazni : Bubble Brushes
By redheadstock : Frost Texture Brushes
By Coby17 : Shiney snow and Ribbons Brushe
By midnightstouch : Splish Splash
Credits to my dear friend nettaigyo for her precious help, advises and for proof-reading.
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
my little Koichi! i'm glad you like him..
and hehe.. wildly?
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Daff-VaderHobbyist General Artist
He's cute!
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
aaww!! :la: thank you!!! he is very cute boy and the girls like to hug him Giggle 
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Daff-VaderHobbyist General Artist
Me too! If he had existed...
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
i wish he was real!! my OCs are my babies! :la:
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Ieshianicole33Student Writer
Cool! He strikes me as a peacemaker character! :D
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
peacemaker? aw yes! he is.. he likes when everything is well and calm!! no problems around, no worries, no suffer.... hehehe
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Ieshianicole33Student Writer
:lol: I knew it! :D It's emphasized in him because he's an innocent kid.
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
:nod: too bad for him, because in my story he will face hard time..and not only him... ;)
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Whoa...I need to keep a lookout for your story then! :D
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:la: yay!!! but i haven't post the story yet.. is still in-progress ;)  but i'll sure make it known when i will!! :D
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Sweet! :D
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So sweet! I'm sure he gets lots of hugs, from his father and mother too. Hug 

I'm sure Luna and Dexter hug each other a lot as well. Hug 
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
his mother yes! Ruka always hugs him... his father not that much... but he still loves him all the same.

thank you! i'm glad you like him! :D :la:
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I think I'm in love with this guy!!!  Too cute for words!  :shy: 
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Stoked  yay!! Koichi is very cute.. all the girls like to hug him and i think you know why.. ;)Love is a mystery

thank you so much for your nice words and support!!!!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-06 (Kawaii Dance) [V1] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-07 (Cute Dance) [V1]
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Oh my goodness Koichi is sooo cute! I just wanna cuddle him and kiss him and...
Me: Kaida, what are you doing on my laptop...?
Kaida: Ummmm........Got to go! I'm gonna give ya a big hug soon Koi-bear!!!!
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ahahaha!!! Koichi sure is cute.. no wonder why all the girls like to hug him all the time! :la:

i'm so glad you like him!!
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Hehe, Kouichi is cute! Maybe I already said this a million times, but once more wouldn't hurt. (;
The Academy outfit looks really good on him; it makes him more suave than ever.

Hmm, does he have a special companion from the Spirit World?
You know, like how in the anime Ruka has/had Kuribon, Regulus, and Ancient Fairy Dragon?

Otherwise, great work! Can't wait to see the rest of the OC refs posted~~
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
:la: yup!! Koichi is very cute.. the girl mush have a reason to hug him all the time after all! ;)

yes, yes he does have a special companion! aww his little friend is such a teaser and their relationship is very nice and funny!

:hug: thank you so much!!!Huggle! 
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