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YGO 5D's OC: Jun Kiryu

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Jun Kiryu, 鬼柳順, (JUN (順): Japanese unisex name meaning "obedient.")

Gender: Male
Age: 16
D.o.B: March 13
Height: 176cm (5'9")
Weight: 68kg (150lbs)
Deck: Dragunity
Riding Duel: No!

Family: Kiryu and Misty's son. He has a twin sister, Asami, and he cares a lot for her. He knows that his sister is a bit casual, especially with men and feels that, as her brother, has the obligation to protect her and he is always there for her. He also cares and loves his mother a lot, but Jun is way closer to his father, and likes to be with him, spending time together as father-son, or helping him with his job.

Appearance: Jun looks a lot like his father; same eyes, hair and skin color. He even wears the same purple headband that Kiryu wore, when he was the leader of Team Satisfaction. He usually wears a light purple vest above a gray tank top, black pants with a light gray belt and high brown boots. He also wears light blue fingerless gloves and a silver earring on his left ear.

His school uniform consists of a white shirt, a green sleeveless pullover with the 'DA' logo of the West Duel Academy, a dark green tie, black pants and brown shoes. Jun still wears his headband at school but not his gloves.
(For more information, check reference sheet above)

: Jun is a calm, gentle, soft-spoken young man with strong opinions and with a tiny temper. Most of the time he is serious and less talkative, but he has his funny moments too, when he allows himself to relax and emptying his mind from problems. Sometimes he looks distant or boring, but he is very nice when he opens up and he is very loyal to those he cares for. He loves music and has a great will for knowledge and also likes working on engines, just like Yuusei and sometimes he helps or works with him, learning new stuff.

Jun is studying at West Duel Academy, with his sister and likes dueling a lot. He likes when everything flows calm and peaceful and will never go asking for any trouble; in fact, he will do anything to avoid any kind of fight, but if he must, he is willing to face anybody, showing a side of his character that no one will ever expect. He really likes Satisfaction Town and wouldn't mind to spend the rest of his life there, enjoying the sunset horizons, and playing with his father's harmonica.

Duel reference sheet: Duel ref. sheet: Jun by MelanAnimeOld ref. Sheet: YGO 5D's OC-old ref: Jun by MelanAnime

More about Jun: Jun Kyriu(contest entry) by Bilongui Sibling love by Gabychan91

More OCs:

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Jun Kiryu © MelanAnime
Art © by MelanAnime I used a reference for the boots.
Texture brushes ©:
By Coby17 : Musical Notes Brushes PS
By redheadstock : Music Photoshop Brushes
By nathies-stock : Dust Brushes
By KeReN-R : Grunge Brushes and The 27th abstract set
Credits to my dear friend nettaigyo for her precious help and advises and EndlessNight025 for proof-reading.

Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle
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G-A-AnimeFan4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like his character:)
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
thank you!!! yesh, he is nice!!
G-A-AnimeFan4's avatar
G-A-AnimeFan4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome~
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Ieshianicole33Student Writer
Wow. I love this guy to pieces! :D :love:
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
really??? wow!! :hooray:
what you like the most about him??
Ieshianicole33's avatar
Ieshianicole33Student Writer
The relationship he has with his family, especially with how he protects his twin sister.
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
yay!!! that's wonderful!!it's wonderful when an older brother protects his little sister!!
the most noticeable brother/sister relationship in my story is Ryuu-Hanako though... hehe
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Wow Jun is awesome! Love
I really like his character!
Great job! Hug 
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
thank you!!.. i'm not 100% satisfied of how he turned out, but i still like it...
i'm glad you like him! :la:
ClaireBaffour's avatar
He's cool! And he always protects his sister, that is so nice of him! Love
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
they are twins, he cares a lot for her and she knows he will be there for her... but she is not getting into very serious situations... =P
ClaireBaffour's avatar
It's good to hear that they have a great brother-sister-relationship! That's not that common nowadays ._.
And it's good to hear that there won't be any seriously dangerous situations! I am a dummy! 
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
this is not good. i know only 1 pair of siblings that they don't have good relationships...

but Jun/Asami are doing great.. but they are totally different characters... hehe=P
and yes, they will be fine... some of my other characters will have to face a loooot of problems and troubles!! heheh
ClaireBaffour's avatar
Ah well I work with a bunch of teenagers, and they all have problems with their siblings ._.
maybe only French teenagers are like that Sweating a little...

Most twins have really different characters :D (Big Grin)
Even if they have to face a bunch of problems, I'm sure they all will get trough this (because of friendship and stuff I am a dummy! )
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
aw! i see.... maybe.. who knows..

yeah! they will face a lot of problems and threats,  and who knows what else... heheh =P
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