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YGO 5D's OC: Hitomi Sayuki

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Hitomi Sayuki, 紗幸瞳, (HITOMI: 瞳: Japanese name meaning "pupil (of the eye)." This name is usually given to girls with especially beautiful eyes.)

Gender: Female
Age: 17
D.o.B: January 27
Height: 175cm (5'8'')
Weight: 64kg (141lbs)
Deck: Harpie ladies
Riding Duel: No!

Family: Her father, Koga, is a famous turbo duelist and her mother, Selen, is a fashion designer. Her parents are wealthy enough so Hitomi was born and grew up with all the comfort and having almost everything she wanted. She is only child and is therefore a bit spoiled, and her parents' only treasure. She loves and admires both of them, trying to help or follow their steps. Her father tries to spend much time with her dueling, and many times Hitomi advertises her mother's new collections.

Appearance: Hitomi is very pretty young woman, with extremely beautiful blue eyes and a hot body. She has long blond hair with bangs, pale skin and soft lips. She usually wears a hot black shirt, a short red skirt with a white belt and black high–heeled boots that reach her knees. She likes jewelries and usually wears one red bracelet, with blue gems and one golden ring at each hand, a bright gold–red necklace with the Kanji of her name (瞳), big silver hoops rings in her ears, and always paints her nails red.

Her school uniform consists of a white shirt, a dark red jacket with white lining (and the 'DA' logo of the Neo Duel Academia), grey skirt and brown shoes with grey socks below her knees. Hitomi still wears most of her jewelries, except her two bracelets, even at school and rarely puts the yellow ribbon around her neck, mostly because she usually leaves her shirt open, revealing her attractive bust.
(For more information, check reference sheet above)

Personality: Hitomi believes appearance is everything and that's why she always dresses and prepares herself with much delicacy. She likes being attractive, and many times she wears revealing clothes. Other people's interest is vital to her and she likes it when other people, classmates, or even older men on the street, flirt with her or give her compliments -it feeds her ego. She knows she's beautiful and she can think highly of herself. She is not the smartest and mostly stays on the 'surface', never going deep into feelings or trying to understand others fully. She never hides her feelings and many times she becomes a real bitch. But deep down Hitomi has a good heart and she is ready to do anything for those she truly loves and cares for.

She is studying at Neo Duel Academia, following her father's steps and she is not an easy opponent. She is known at school as the Beauty Queen (or Beauty Bitch) and has admirers from all classes. However, Hitomi has a big crush on her classmate, Akio and she admires him so much that her interest reaches the level of obsession, following him almost everywhere. She always tries to catch his attention, without success, to her disappointment. Many kids believe that they are dating or if they aren't, they will very soon. For some reason, Ichigo hates her with a passion.

Duel reference sheet: Duel ref. sheet: Hitomi by MelanAnime Old ref. Sheet: YGO 5D's OC-old ref: Hitomi by MelanAnime

More about Hitomi: Hitomi by theNightwishmaster

More OCs:

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Hitomi Sayuki © MelanAnime
Art © by MelanAnime I used a reference for the main pose.
Necklace first idea by nettaigyo here and completed by theNightwishmaster here
Bracelets by theNightwishmaster here
Texture brushes ©:
By Flina-Stock : Designal brushes 2
By AmarieVeanne-Stock : Be my Valentine
By Coby17 : Deco Hearts Brushes
By KeReN-R : Grunge Brushes
By kabocha : Sparkle Brushes
Credits to my dear friend nettaigyo for her precious help and advises and EndlessNight025 for proof-reading.

Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle
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KumikoHanabiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my gosh she is so beautiful :iconotakuingplz: I love her appearance very much, especially her face looks so lovely Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
cool!! :D this is what i was trying to do... she is my pretty one!! :la:
i'm so glad you like her! :hug:
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theNightwishmasterHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing!! You did an extraordinary piece here. She looks splendid!! :wow:
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
thank you so much my friend!!! for everything... i tried my best... and thanks for all your help and ideas! :la:
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Ieshianicole33Student Writer
I just realized her personality is similar to Mai Valentine's! She even uses the same deck theme as her (Harpy Ladies)
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
yeah i friend told me before, but honest i didn't based Hitomi to Mai and a friend suggested that deck... i was surprised when someone told me that she looks like Mai and i was like... 'OH my! you're right!!!!'
but in action she her character is not like Mai's.... Mai never ran over a guy ;) hehe
Ieshianicole33's avatar
Ieshianicole33Student Writer
Hmm, true...Mai was a bit arrogant, but she never took advantage of a guy's emotions. In fact, she was a little more open with guys and visibly showed cared for anyone who befriended her (most notably Joey). But still, Hitomi and Mai still share a bit in common: they use a Harpy deck and they're both physically attractive!
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
yeah.. they still have some things in common... i have many ideas to write about her.. i hope i'll manage to write them all
Also Hitomi is always following Akio.. she is in love with him.. Mai showed cared for her friends and i think she and Jonouchi would look nice together.. but she never followed any man....
Ieshianicole33's avatar
Ieshianicole33Student Writer
I'm sure you'll manage to write down your ideas. I have some fanfiction posted myself I'm writing, but my motivation to keep it going is rather stagnating. I can't seem to think up new ideas...

And wow, are you sure Hitomi is not a stalker? :lol: She's definitely got it bad if she's following a guy around :lol: Mai never did that to guys, but she does have her moments in a few scenes with Joey...
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
don't give up!!

not with that way.. she is not just running behind him.. they hang out together.. they are classmates and most of the time they are studying together (with Kai too) and work group projects together.. she is also join them at lunch breaks etc.. she is like a member of the team, but she is there only for Akio and she never loses a chance to sit next to him, or suggest to do things together or hang out more... Akio (and especially Kai) enjoys her company but he is not that excited..if you know what i mean... but he is fine with her being around..(he has a reason for it =P)
Ieshianicole33's avatar
Ieshianicole33Student Writer
Both of them are on hiatus (and on the verge of possible cancellation) but I'll keep trying.

Ooh, that sounds more logical when u put it that way. When you say Akio enjoys her company but don't act excited about it, it makes people think about the reason. (Secret crush maybe?) :lol:
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
hehe! Akio is not good to express his feelings with words..
and hmmmm. secret crush??? well who knows.... you will see when i'll finish my story :)
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nettaigyoStudent General Artist
Beauty Bitch? Haha, but I don't find her that bad, in terms of what I've read of her so far.

Also, I'm glad that you like my necklace idea/concept enough to keep it.

MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
well i think you are right to that.. she is not that! bad, but some calls her that way... i have some ideas and i'll try to put them down the best i can in the future chapters... i hope i will manage to do it..

yes, it was adorable and fits her so much... thank you for the idea!!

Hai, arigato!
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Wow she is awesome!! Love
She kinda reminds me of Sherry in a way :happybounce:
Great job as always! Hug 
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
:la: yay!! i'm glad you like it!!!
Sherry? lol.. that's cool... i think it's because of the blond hair...
i don't really like how she turned out with her school uniform but i don't know how to fix it and also i don't have the time... but i like how she looks in her casual clothes! :)
thank you so much!! :hug:
ClaireBaffour's avatar
Yep it's probably the blond hair ^.^
I think she looks good in her uniform, but I like the casual cloths more :)
you're welcome! Hug 
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
yay!!! :hooray:
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She's cool. ^^
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
thank you!!! i'm glad you like her!!!! :D
SpiritauraForce's avatar
Your welcome and I do. :3
I find it cool that her Birthday is the same as my friends. ^^
MelanAnime's avatar
MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
this is even cooler!!! :D
one of my friends has the same bday heheh =P
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That's awesome sauce to the max! X3
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
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