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YGO 5D's OC Asami Kiryu

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Asami Kiryu, 鬼柳朝美, (ASAMI (朝美): Japanese name meaning "morning beauty.")

Gender: Female
Age: 16
D.o.B: March 13
Height: 171cm (5'7")
Weight: 60kg (132lbs)
Deck: Amazoness
Riding Duel: No!

Family: Kiryu and Misty's daughter. She has a twin brother, Jun, but even though they are twins, they don't look alike and they have different personalities. However, Asami loves and trusts him, knowing that he will always be there for her. She is totally a daddy's girl, with all the meaning of the word and more. Asami over-loves her father and she is also his soft spot, for her own good, since he can't deny her almost anything, and she takes advantage of that fact as much as she can. She admires her mother for her beauty and bright career and loves following her to her shoots, whenever she can.

Appearance: Asami has her mother's beauty; azure eyes, pale skin and usually puts a red rose in her long black hair. Her normal outfit is a bright pink sleeveless shirt, long yellow skirt, with a purple belt and high-heeled, pink-purple sandals. She wears two bracelets on her left hand, one yellow and one turquoise, two silver rings on both of her hands, pink-gemmed earrings and an orange jeweled necklace.

Her school uniform consists of a white shirt, a brown sleeveless pullover with the 'DA' logo of the West Duel Academy, a dark brown tie, grey skirt with a white line and brown shoes with grey socks below her knees.
(For more information, check reference sheet above)

Personality: Asami is a carefree, free-willed girl, with a smile on her face and a really optimistic way of thinking. She has knowledge of her beauty and wants to be a model like her mother, so she always takes care of her appearance. She also has an interest in boys, flirting and dating them a lot, just to give her over-protecting father something to worry about. Even if she knows that material goods are not everything, she likes comfort, money and expensive things. She is a bit spoiled, mostly from her father, and she can be extra sweet and stubborn, doing what she wants, ignoring words like 'responsibility' or 'duty'.

Her family is rarely together for a long time, since her mother is traveling often and her father, being the mayor of Satisfaction Town, cannot leave for long. So Asami and Jun grew up in both Satisfaction Town and the city, where they were mostly living and visiting Satisfaction Town on weekends. Unlike her twin, Asami prefers the city over the small town that has nothing to interest her, except the fact that her father lives there.
She and her brother are studying at West Duel Academy. She is not a very strong duelist and she is fine with it, because she has other dreams in her life.

Duel reference sheet: Duel ref. sheet: Asami by MelanAnimeOld ref. Sheet: YGO 5D's OC-old ref: Asami by MelanAnime

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Asami Kiryu © MelanAnime
Art © by MelanAnime I used a reference for the main pose.
Texture brushes ©:
By AmarieVeanne-Stock : Be my Valentine
By kabocha : Flower Brushes
By spiritsighs-stock : Petals
By crazy-alice : Flower 15 PS Brushes
Credits to my dear friend nettaigyo for her precious help and advises and EndlessNight025 for proof-reading.

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nettaigyoStudent General Artist
Asami's front headshot is very cute hehe >3>
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
thank you !!! :aww: i like too!! and she looks like i first imagined her...
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Love her long skirt and shoes.
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
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Sure. Only asking do you do requests.
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
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Wow she looks beautiful! Love 
Much like her mother! :) (Smile)
I really like her Meow :3
And the uniform of the West Duel Academy looks awesome!! I am a dummy!
Awesome Job! Hug 
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
:hooray: yeah!!!! i made it this time.... Asami is very pretty and she has her mother beauty! so it's great that you think that she looks so much like her mother!! :la:
hihihi Meow :3 i'm glad you like her uniform.. it took some time to end up to this one... i had no idea what kind of uniform to use, but i like how it turned out :)

thank you so much!!!! :hug:
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You're welcome Hug
I really love the West DA Uniform! It looks awesome! And it's great that you thought of such an amazing Uniform yourself!!! Love 
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
yay!!! that's awesome!! thank you for your wonderful words and support! it really means a lot!!! :hug:
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You're very welcome! Hug
How could I not support someone who really improves from picture to picture? Huggle! 
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MelanAnimeHobbyist Writer
Tight Hug  you're so sweet!!!!!! :hug::hooray: 
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