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Sabrina - Page 6

By melaleuca
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Page 6 from my Sabrina comic I'm scrambling to finish (not the whole thing, of course! Just the first chapter, which is 16 pages long).

Sabrina arrives at her new home with her Aunt Hilda. That house... that freaking house took forever! I hate drawing houses and buildings but I'm sucking it up for the sake of expanding my horizons. You can't go into comics if you can't draw a setting for your characters. Luckily I cheat by taking photographs of friends houses and cars and tracing them on photoshop. I used to abhor to tracing but dammit, no longer! Tracing wins.

For those in the Winnipeg area: Screen printed copies of the first issue will be sold at Martha Street Studio in July. If all goes well (meaning I don't get lazy again) this will be a bimonthly endeavour.
For those online: I can post sneak previews and sell them online, though you will probably get digital printed copies, not the screen printed originals (I'm not a machine). It won't be pricey since it's 16 pages long.

It's possible that I might have to change Sabrina's name due to copyright issues, especially if I'm selling these suckers. If so her name will probably be changed to Bianca, though she will always be Sabrina to me.
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16 pages is a lot of comic! Its looking great, I like the style a lot! Haha that looks like johanna's house!
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Probably because it is! The interior is all hers too. I have the complete chapter one ready to go so if I see you at Comic Con I'll show you.
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This is going to be the best when it's done. Keep on truckin'
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This is gorgeous! I would so buy a copy if you publish it.