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We do not sow. Greyjoy

Greyjoy house from game of thrones
Lannisters [link]
Targaryen [link]
Stark [link]
Tyrell [link]
Baratheon [link]

How it was made [link]
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DonSimpson's avatar
This series would make great jewelry.
Sudz94's avatar
Man I'd love this on a T-Shirt
Sigma-Echo-Seven's avatar
The spikes on the tentacles are a nice touch.
Extremophil57's avatar
My favourite House, and an awesome wallpaper.
Tysik's avatar
Awesome work!
I used Lannnisters one as my background photo on Facebook, hope you don't mind :)
Melaamory's avatar
I`m glad you like it) Sure i don`t mind)
Another awesome wallpaper
Melaamory's avatar
thanks for all comments))
kodefoo's avatar
This is great, very nice job.
SiriusCrane's avatar
Do one for House Bolton, please!
Melaamory's avatar
I`m not sure. I plan to make tully and arryn, but that all i think
SiriusCrane's avatar
Great! But think about it, the flayed man of Bolton with the words "Our Blades Are Sharp" it's one of the best sigils, in my opinion.
aerogotico's avatar
Great work i like all of this sigil, what program do you use?
Melaamory's avatar
Thanks) It was 3dmax
Miouwwww's avatar
I am a bit envious of your skills to make it look so metallic :) very well done
Melaamory's avatar
Thanks) But it is not me, it is right settings of render)
Dare2a's avatar
Are the close-up we can see on the last link of you're description available as wallpapers ? However, the whole serie's great ! My fave is probable this one :)
Melaamory's avatar
Actualy i made every sigil bigger, than on wallpaper, but all of it without final postproduktion.
Dare2a's avatar
You made an awesome job with this 3D rendering :)

I was just asking because I think it would have an interesting look, but they already are great with this size =D
Melaamory's avatar
Yeah, i think so to, about intresting look, but i can`t disrupt sameness of all wallpapers. It should be the same composition.
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