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Tyrell. Growing strong

Game of thrones. Tyrell.
Lannisters [link]
Targaryen [link]
Stark [link]
Greyjoy [link]
Baratheon [link]

How it was made [link]
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I can see the inspiration from the English houses Lancaster, York, and Tudor in the sigil for House Tyrell. In fact, Game of Thrones is partially based on the War of the Roses.
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Never thought about it. Thank you!)
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Your welcome! Did you know that the Wall is based on Hadrian's Wall that divided Britain into Roman-controlled England and Wales and Celtic-controlled Scotland? It still is used to mark the border between England and Scotland.
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Another awesome wallpaper
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it's all fantastic.
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This is the best one congra ! you are amazing
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thanks))... but i think Stark is better
Amazing work, I love these wallpapers!
Can you make wallpapers in the same style for the rest of the houses? (Other than the four you've already made)
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Thanks)I will try to make them all. Just finished Greyjoy house
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ARe you doing other houses?
Melaamory's avatar
not yet, but i will
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Another great wallpaper of the series :clap:
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Sooo amazing! I think all Game of Thrones love your wallpapers!
Melaamory's avatar
hehe) i hope so)
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вы шикарная художница)))
З.Ы мб все таки сделаете арринов?))
Melaamory's avatar
хехе), спасибо)... может и сделаю, посмотрим
DIA6LOS's avatar
было бы неплохо ^_^
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Еее)) Тирылы! :)
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Откуда такое странное разрешение? даже не 1600...

Хочется чтобы обоя была в виде пака (архива), со всеми разрешениями как под 4:3 так и под 16:9.
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