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Martell. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

House Martell from game of thrones

Lannisters [link]
Targaryen [link]
Stark [link]
Tyrell [link]
Greyjoy [link]

How it was made [link]
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good work, very nice ones, i use this one as wallpaper...
would you please make one for the Night's Watch?
with a logo like this (left)… & "The Sword in the Darkness" ?
I love this sigil and would like to wallpaper it! However my screen res is 2880x1800 and when I do so it's a bit blurry... Is there a higher resolution version of the picture available? :)
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Your work is great! I've seen it plasterd all over the web, took me a while to find out where the originals were to be honest! 
I wonder, will you make more colour versions? 
Could you make one with House Bolton ?
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I love your interpretation of all the house banners!
Can i ask you how did you do it?
You used photoshop or 3d programs like 3ds max or cinema 4d.
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3dmax and v-ray
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thank you for this wonderful work!
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Thank you for comment)
I want to make a tatoo with this simbol, but i want in colors. Did u have??

Great Job
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house Martell is one of my favorites. really good!
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this is my favorite house! -wallpapered-
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OMG I wish HBO used your design for House Martell. OMG, as sorted Martell, this just blows my mind.
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Amazing rendition of House Martell the metal effect. :thumbsup: Btw, all GOT sigils you've done it's great, but this one I like especially. :D
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Thanks)) i like this sigil to
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You're very welcome. ;)
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Drooling ... again ... you think you'll treat us with house Mormont ?
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Great one! Much better than the Martell one HBO has on its t-shirts.

Who is next? Arryn?
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