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Hear me roar. Lannister

By Melaamory
You can order print here…
And here we are: Lannisters! Game of thrones)


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amazing art.. 
can you please provide psd?
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Fantastic pic, but did you notice there is a white strip along the top left corner and the left side? It ruins a bit the effect in my desktop.
hardyguardy's avatar
a v chem modelilos'/renderilos' esli ne sekret?

Melaamory's avatar
3дмаксик это
Barbara93's avatar
Lannister 4life!
Another awesome wallpaper
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Fantastic wallpapers this that you have made about Game Of Thrones. What program have you use to do tbe 3D? Cinema 4D? Ty|
dany777's avatar
What program have you use to do the 3D? Cinema 4D? ty! And btw, fantastic wallpapers!
Melaamory's avatar
Thanks). It was 3dmax and v-ray for render
dany777's avatar
Ty! I'm gonna give it a try, and sorry for the double comment, my bad. x)
Melaamory's avatar
What modelling technique did you go with to get these supreme, hard-shapes?
stergios's avatar
Another great wallpaper .... :clap: I have the Targaryen one as my wallpaper :D :D
Melaamory's avatar
Thanks!) But i still think Stark is the best)
stergios's avatar
All of them are great :D :D
DIA6LOS's avatar
а арринов сможете?)))
Melaamory's avatar
Извините, но чет поднадоело пока)... Другую тему собираюсь рисовать
venom1209's avatar
Faantastic work!:D
haryarti's avatar
Ну, теперь ещё Баратеоны и славненько будет.
Melaamory's avatar
ух, я что-то уже подустала от этой темы)
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