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Blood and fire Targaryen

You can order print here…
I made one more game of thrones wallpaper. Targaryen house.

How it was made…
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Looks amazing! Are you sharing the 3D file?
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Thank you, very nice. Can you give PSD? :)
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WooW, the best, for sure.

Congratulations :D

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Lovely presentation.
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All hail house Targaryen! (I'm actually rooting for Danaerys!)
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Yours project are so fantastic, so inspiring.
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I was going to make my own GOT wallpapers and then I saw yours and now I feel I'm not worthy. ;-) These are fantastic!
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Love it!!! Great!
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o_O amazing modeling and rendering these are definitly going into my favorites :D ... since u modeled each one of these have u considered rendering them from a different perspective? I would LOVE to see that
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Thanks for such words, but i don`t think i will work with this pictures any more
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awww :(, well I'm sure you'll make more great eye-candy for me to admire :D - also if you don't use your 3d models after you made them do you ever consider posting them as free models?
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There was a lot of photoshop, and i dont think my models was perfect.
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the great thing about making it public is that other people may add to your model and people will always to find uses for amazing models like yours, but I realize its kind of an ordeal to find an post on those sites
would it be too much to ask if we can have the isolated metallic shapes, in png?
I second the motion..
I got a 3-screen setup and would really love to spread your sigils all over a wide wallpaper, but either need to do path-based isolation (hours..) or get a half-arsed result with the individual light-beams..

Pretty please..

Also : BEAUTIFUL work.
That is excellent work, congratulations!
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And they keep getting better!!
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