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Arryn. As high as honor

Ok, this is the last one from my metalic series game of throne wallpaper. Arryn, as high as honor. I think maybe a make something about night watch, but it will be done in diffrent style. So, i hope you like it.

Lannisters [link]
Targaryen [link]
Stark [link]
Tyrell [link]
Greyjoy [link]
Baratheon [link]
Martell [link]
Colored Arryn [link]

How it was made [link]
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So much love for these, beautiful artwork! I'm happy I found the original creator finally! <3 These are on so many wallpaper homepages. 

Is there any chance it would be possible to get these as wallpapers for 2560x1440 monitors? 
Hi !
This is an amazing job you've been doing !
Are you going to create more ?
If so, will you represent the House Mormont ?

Thanks !!!
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woow , I like them , gooa be my new desktop wallpaper
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These are absolutely amazing! Considered doing House Bolton of the Dreadfort? Second biggest house of the North. Words: Our Blades are Sharp. Sigil: a flayed man. (official one: [link])
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I`m steel reading first book. So, when i will be in some futher moments i may be will be inspired and will make more wallpapers. But maybe not)
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Absolutely gorgeous! I've never watched the show, but I'm madly in love with your designs. Kudos to you!
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You're very welcome
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Amazing series of wallpapers!
You have my favs!
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You're very welcome!
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как всегда на высоте)
Melaamory's avatar
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very good as usual
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your work is awesome
thanks a lot for bringing all this GOT posters
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Thanks)) but i got a lot of pleasure of doing that)
You got talent!
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Бесподобно как всегда! Все великие дома Вестероса теперь в сборе.
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Гип-гип ура!) Можно теперь чем-нибудь еще веселеньким заняться))
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