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[CLOSED + winner!] Peek A Boo!! SKFUU ART RAFFLE!!
Fox emoji - run update : THE PARTY HAS ENDED!!! Fox emoji - run 
raffle is closedddd!!!!
thank you so much for the support!!!
sadly we can't add more prize since we are flooded by to-do-list already T____T sobssss
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since we plan to open up another raffle when we hit 9k watcher later~~~!!!
(sooo it's like one raffle for each 1k followers we got here!)
please keep stay tuned :heart::love:

and now..
the winner goes tooo....
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1500 Watchers Raffle! Winners Announced!
A big thank you to all who entered!(:
It is now time to announce the winners!!
With first place is...
wiitching with number 25!

and in second place is...
Clockee with number 15!

Congrats guys!! I'll be noting you both shortly!
It finally happened!! Nick Littlemore - Icon  
I wasn't going to do a raffle so soon because there's always the chance I'll have people unwatch me (actually I still expect this), but I figured why not, I have the screenshot as proof XD
Anyway, I just want to take the time to thank you all! I never expected to get this far and I'm so appreciative for everyone's support over the years! salmon heart bullet I could not have gotten this far without it.
Onward to the raffle!Guidelines:
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Labyrinth - Room of Instant Messaging
Begin chatlog with Fortuna:

Hey grams!! You there?? You'll never guess where I am. I bet you would be too scared. HA!
Ugh, Felix please, it is far too early for this nonsense. What do you need.
Wow, chill gramma. Can't I message you just to talk? You're missing out on some pretty cool stuff. So I found this really neat place.
It's like an amusement park in here. There's all sorts of game stands with prizes just waiting to be grabbed!! But the weird thing is I can't find nobody.                     
Think everyone ditched because this place is so lame. You should come out. They have a stand where you try and throw water balloons at a target. ;)                 
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 11 0
Room of Dark Ascension by Mekomiya Room of Dark Ascension :iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 5 1 Room of Black and White by Mekomiya Room of Black and White :iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 3 2
Order 006
She was not sure when or how the scenery had changed to get her where she was. All she knew was that she was suddenly face to face with Her Majesty yet again and she felt a strange weakness fill her. They were both in their human forms though she could not remember having changed to this form. She did not seem mad by Fae's apparent intrusion. Had she been the one to summon her? She wished to ask, to question why she was here when Her Majesty spoke. "Come closer." Fae did not dare to disobey. She took a step closer as instructed, slipping her hand within the slender one of the Stygian before her. As she did, nostalgia she did not understand filled her and a soft shudder shook her form, sending chills up her spine. What was this?
She stood there quietly, uncertain what to say. She suddenly felt very small standing there hand in hand with Her Majesty, like a child looking up to her mother. She wondered if that was strange, if perhaps she should let go when the other being sp
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 2 0
Order 001
The light in here was blinding. Druid did not know where he was exactly but he felt an irresistible pull to enter the beautiful castle. He knew there had to be some sort of force at work to bring him here. It had to be fate for even in the presence of the blinding light he felt completely at peace. He'd been stripped of his normal form, replaced by that of a human. His complexion was fair, his golden braid hanging down over his shoulder. He felt a presence within the light and immediately knelt down to show his respect, olive hued eyes stuck to the floor.
He felt her watching him though he said nothing. She seemed amused if nothing else as she watched him quietly before speaking. "I have been waiting a long time for you to come home Druid." He wanted to question how she knew his name for half a moment though stopped himself quickly. She felt familiar to him, even though he was certain he had never met her before. Of course she would know who he was, wh
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 1 0
Order 002 - Patrol
There had been rumors of spirits roaming near the castle gates and causing chaos and havoc. People were saying that they were tormenting stygians who dared to wander too close, launching attacks on unsuspecting victims and causing overall unhappiness. They could not simply be overlooked and ignored. Something needed to be done about them and Fae was one of the lucky few chosen to go and deal with them. She had to feel a bit honored to be trusted with such a task but she felt a bit nervous at the same time. Was she really the best choice for this? What if she somehow messed things up? Her insecurity only made her anxiety worse though she held these doubts to herself as she made her way down the path leading to the front gates.
It was a nice day considering what she was fixing to have to deal with. She could almost forget about what lay ahead of her and the task she was trusted with as she took in a deep breath, enjoying the feeling of sun on her skin. Her eyes closed as she continued fo
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 0 0
Order 004
She'd been instructed to keep up with her studies, to ensure that Order is kept up. In truth, she had not been to the library since arriving here despite her fondness of books. Excitement and anticipation crept just beneath her skin as she walked down the halls, her long hair flowing behind her. She fiddled her fingers, a nervous habit she found hard to break. Of course she'd never really tried to break it either. It was a harmless little tick, one that hurt no body for doing. She did not really see a reason to put a stop to it or force herself to change if that were the case.
She was not sure what kind of expectations to have as she stepped in to the library but, as her eyes took in the many shelves and connecting ladders that lined the walls, she knew they were blown very far out of the water. A soft gasp touched her lips, eyes growing wide with wonder and appreciation as she crept forward slowly. She'd never seen so many books in her life before. Honestly, she did not even know this
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 0 0
Order 003
Fae found it awfully strange that every morning she woke up she always wore something she did not own. She was not at all sure how this was even possible. Perhaps it had to do with the magic that resided in this place? Whatever the reason, she always found it exciting to wake up to see what new changes she would find to herself. At first it was surprising, even a bit frightening. But she supposed it was a harmless trick either way so she decided to try and find the fun in something so trivial. There was no point in getting angry and upset. That would only make her miserable in the long run.
As she began to stir from her slumber this fine morning she was vaguely aware that her body felt much heavier than usual. Letting out a soft sigh, she attempt to shift her weight, only to realize it was much harder than it should have been. She felt stiff and uncomfortable and, after a moment, her eyes finally opened. Groaning a bit, she forced herself to sit up, aware of the sound of metal on metal
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 1 0
Order 002 - Cleaning
She'd been given the task of cleaning the spotless halls of the magnificent castles. She did not see why it would need to be mopped or swept when it was already so pristine and clean but she supposed that, for it to remain so spotless, someone had to be doing the job. For that reason she felt suddenly better about the whole thing. She had been a bit bummed out by the task she was given at first truthfully but now she felt it was a great honor. She felt more than willing to do it after looking at the bright side of things. In fact, there was even a bit of a skip to herself as she went to fetch her mop and pail to fill up in order to set herself to completing this.
Once started, she realized it really wasn't that bad, even despite the positive outlook she'd found to view this in. There was something calming about the rhythmic motion of pushing the mop back and forth. It filled her with satisfaction to see the smooth marble all shiny and wet after the mop swiped over it, reflecting her fa
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 1 0
Order 001
She did not know how she had happened here. All she knew was that this place was beautiful, even if it also seemed terribly sad and lonely and empty. She was filled with awe as she wandered the halls, admiring the architecture and decorations of the place. It was almost too much to handle and she wondered if perhaps she should turn back. But, as she entered a new room, she realized it was far too late. A fresh wave of awe and wonder struck her then as she entered, staring at the empty throne and the table that sat abandoned in front of it. She wanted to approach the throne, to admire the gentle curves and design of it. But something held her back.
Turning her head, she had to squint suddenly as a bright light suddenly filled the room and she had to duck her head. She knew without question it was another stygian but, in a moment, her form turned human though she still could not manage to look directly at her. Familiarity claimed her when the woman spoke. "I have been wait
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 0 0
Chaos 002
He wasn't sure where he had been but he'd managed to find Clove again. When the treat had showed up, he'd had the small Bunntreat daydream who had been staying with them in tote. Though he found them both to be a nuisance, he supposed he was glad the daydream had come along. It kept Clove busy and out of his hair at the very least. He wasn't so sure how the creature would feel about his job task today but he supposed it would just have to deal. Maybe he could use it being there to his advantage somehow.
He'd chosen to go as a human to do this task. Hands were much easier to manage things than hooves after all. His boots crunched on the leaves as he walked, Clove and the daydream accompanying him some ways off. They were more focused on playing with the leaves than trying to keep up with him. He doubted they would be of much help in this matter. That was fine. It was probably better they didn't interfere. He didn't want to mix them up with the riffraff he was having to chase off and get
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 0 0
Chaos 001
He didn't know how he had gotten in to this forest but he knew that he didn't trust it. His spine prickled as he felt eyes watching him, waiting to see his next move. He absolutely hated it. "It's rude to spy you know. Show yourself." His words were rough and angry, his wings ruffling up in disdain as he paused to wait for a response that never came. He felt his irritation begin to rise. He did not know where he was. He did not know where Clove had run off to. And now, on top of all that, he was being watched. He didn't need to stand by and take this. He shifted his wings, ready to take flight if he could find an opening in the tangle of branches above. They had grown rather thick in his travels.
Tell me something about yourself.
He froze then, head whipping around to look for whoever had spoken. He had a feeling whoever had spoken was the one who was watching him. His spine prickled with unease though he did not know why. There was something famil
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 0 0
Chaos 003
Something strange seemed to happen each and every night when he was asleep. Whenever he would wake up he would always be something he was not, as if some strange magic were at work to try and confuse and warp him. At first he was terrified of the change. What on earth was wrong with him? But it was something he had grown used to. In all honesty, it was growing quite old on most days. It took concentration and focus to get back to his original form. It seemed more trouble than it was worth.
He knew something was different this morning as well as he began to shift. The world simply felt different and he knew without opening his eyes that he would find himself changed. A gentle sigh pulled from his lips, a small grumble leaving him before he finally forced his eyes to open against the harsh light that was beginning to shine through to where his bed lay.
Immediately panic threatened to set in at the change of view. Everything seemed very large and out of proportion, more so than they were
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 0 0
Chaos 004
He had grown quite accustomed to his human form and found that it was actually much more convenient at times. He could accomplish more when he had hands with opposable thumbs to grab things with. But, of course, that also meant he was given more tasks to do around the forest when he was not busy. If there was time to lean then there was always time to clean the saying went. He really hated that saying.
On this particular day he had been asked how his study of magic was coming along. In truth, he hated to study. He would much rather play and see what kind of trouble and mischief he could get himself in to. But of course that was not an acceptable practice. Despite his protests that he knew what he needed to know and was doing just fine, he was directed to the form of a large tree to study.
He was rather surprised when he entered, afraid for a moment that he was in the wrong place. Lining the walls were shelves upon shelves of books. He'd never seen so many before in his life. He forgot
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 1 0
Chaos 002 - Sweeping
Ugh, cleaning duty. Evander despised having to do chores more than anything. He had to wonder how he had even gotten in to this position in the first place. A sigh pulled from his lips, his form now more human-like than his true form. Instead of his long, serpentine body he was now in the form of a youthful boy. Freckles dotted his cheeks, short messy brown hair covering his head. The only features that remained from his true form were the jagged horns that grew from his head and pulled back and the ears that grew beside them. It had been a real shock the first time he had viewed himself though he had to admit that this form had it's own uses.
He continued his work at a slow pace, wishing that he could be elsewhere doing something else. His grip on the broom tightened and his elongated fangs bit in to his lower lip, allowing a small trickle of blood to crawl down to the bottom of his chin. He looked around the forest again, at the random bits of leaves and twigs he was instructed to cl
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 0 0


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