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Wendy, Stella, and Judith by Nephle by MekkMarcos Wendy, Stella, and Judith by Nephle :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 2 0 Wendy (Red Cape) by poppyrous by MekkMarcos Wendy (Red Cape) by poppyrous :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 6 0 Capes Be Red by MekkMarcos Capes Be Red :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 4 0 Judith Times Two by vt2000 by MekkMarcos Judith Times Two by vt2000 :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 6 0 Barbarically Delicious! by MekkMarcos Barbarically Delicious! :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 8 3 Wendy by Destiny-MoonFire by MekkMarcos Wendy by Destiny-MoonFire :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 10 0
Not Very Final 813 - A Revelating Benefit
May 20, 2018
The Whole Marcos Show presents...
Dark Jigsaw (Season 8)
Bipedal Pilot 1, running away: Guess I'll be skedaddling, after all, while I still have working legs!
Stella, pointing L3G: (thin eyes) ~I~ still have working ~laser beams~.
Stella then shoots down both the remaining bipedal's legs.
Bipedal Pilot 1, falling down: Darn it all! (pause after thud) I'll admit that everything you did just now was well-played, though.
The wheeling man then reveals to have been sneaking towards Stella from behind with a knife in his hand.
Wheeling Man, thinking: Those things were my ~protection~. They were supposed to be indestructible. Yet, ~she~ made the destructing happen. The least I can do now is ~vivisect her throat~ while her guard is down.
Wriggle, suddenly jump-kicking the wheeling man's cheek: And just what do you think ~you're~ doing?!
The wheeling man tumbles as good distance, dropping his knife.
Wheeling Man, rolling over: Ugh. (reaching for knife)
:iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 2 0
Not Very Final 812 - Not-So-Silent DeBUGgers
April 24, 2018
The Whole Marcos Show presents...
Dark Jigsaw (Season 8)
Websterbrooke itself. The taxi cab stops at the nearest gas station.
Taxi Driver: This is as far as I'm willing to take you. (Wriggle and girlfriends get out) I'm sorry.
Lenna: Don't worry, pal. Now that I know once and for all, it sure as GTFO isn't ~you~ who should apologize.
Stella, to Taxi Driver: Anyway, ~I'm~ sorry for my retort earlier.
Taxi Driver: Don't sweat it. You're the ones all that Margarey business was centered around, right? I, too, would've hesitated in trusting a completely random someone who chanced upon ~me~.
Wriggle: Now that you mention it, Margarey indeed didn't get at my girlfriends alone.
Taxi Driver: Anyway, I heard your friends are all stationed on this one block loaded with Quarter Qabins. You shouldn't be able to miss it.
Stella: Thank you very much, good sir.
As the taxi cab drives away, Wriggle, Stella, and Lenna all find their way to Wendy's Quarter Qab
:iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 5 0
Not Very Final 811 - Post-Margarey Cidopolis
April 6, 2018
The Whole Marcos Show presents...
Dark Jigsaw (Season 8)
The Quarter Qabin. Travis, his cape currently detached, holds out his kendo stick in preparation for a kata. Tsubaki then approaches Travis from behind with Izayoi still activated and her cape up front, and Travis sets down his kendo stick as if feeling her presence a la Dragon Ball or Star Wars. This enables Tsubaki to submerge her lover into her cape.
Tsubaki, whispering: how would you like to dive into a dear woman's cape and kiss her, (kisses back of Travis' neck) to celebrate wendy's return to her allies?
Travis then turns around and lip-touches Tsubaki.
Travis, whispering: need i say more?
Cue three more lip-touches between the two. Then Tsubaki uncovers Travis and holds the right of her cape across.
Travis: i thought you wanted me inside. (lip-touch)
Tsubaki: simply put ~your~ cape on, and i'll let you back in.
Travis: but of course. it ~does~ augment my attractiveness, doesn't i
:iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 3 0
Celes and Travis (Enhanced Colors) by MekkMarcos Celes and Travis (Enhanced Colors) :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 8 8 Tewi Inaba by MekkMarcos Tewi Inaba :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 4 0 Judith Eblan by MekkMarcos Judith Eblan :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 3 0 Celes Chere by MekkMarcos Celes Chere :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 4 0 Travis Ducard by MekkMarcos Travis Ducard :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 3 0 Reisen Udongein Inaba by MekkMarcos Reisen Udongein Inaba :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 1 0 Bradford Akabrero by MekkMarcos Bradford Akabrero :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 2 0


1800+ is a lie (Mini Art Raffle) (open)
"1800+ watchers are always a lie" and it's true ahahahahaah
i have been missing some gud guys // i know some guys unwatched me cuz i have no jams // SLAPPED
imma just make a smol raffle so i can attract some guys // what
to tell u the truth i still have no idea , i just know that these ghostly watchers are being an rly gud guys when it comes to raffles //im summoning em  // or baiting them out .... //SLAPPED
DEADLINE - 14 OCTOBER 2018  (long right)  (i already finished my tests that time , i can work on my stuffs lol  )
Things to do b4 joining the raffle:
- WATCH ME LOL , iDONTwantpeoplewhojoinedUNWATCHMEafterjoiningandaftertheraffleends--dem  (+1)
-Fav the journal and also share this journal in  new journal or poll (+1) 
-  make sure to have a password :  "1800+ is a lie" ~  in ur comment  ~ // just  "1800+ is a lie" will do lol    (+1)
Ehm extra tickets ? : 
-Do you agree
:iconakikazekun:AkikazeKun 23 45
[CLOSED] FREE art! (#59 Weekly raffle)
 And this raffle is over! Messy, ring the bell!
 Hooray! We got 346 entries on Deviantart plus 73 on twitter...
             So our new winner is... SSWolfDragon5 Congrats!

 See you all next week, guys.
 And may the Luck be with you 
~24 hours ago~ 
 Ahchoo! Oh my... How could you even got a flu in summer!?
 Ehehe ~cough cough~ you sneeze so funny Sick Mind 
 Don't make fun of sick animals! 
:icongigamessy:GigaMessy 285 220
Point Commission - Wendy and Noel 4 Mekkmarcos by Carol-aredesu Point Commission - Wendy and Noel 4 Mekkmarcos :iconcarol-aredesu:Carol-aredesu 4 0
Terms of services
Style 1



Chibi (3)

Must share this through journal only
Tag 3 deviants in comments
Read my TOS
be patient
Don't unwatch me if I Don't pick yours
Fill up the form
Poses(optional)(in picture)
:iconun-1d3nt1f13d:Un-1d3nt1f13d 12 6
She needs sum milk! (featuring Lenna and Margarey) by Yugo-Naru She needs sum milk! (featuring Lenna and Margarey) :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 7 2
Hello Everyone Hi! 
Request are open! I’m not going to do all of them because of obvious reasons but yeah, I will be doing DRAWING requests, not writing, Wink/Razz (maybe give me a Request, you never know)
I would like to inform you that I will not be Drawing:
other people’s OC’s
(They can ask themselves (^ν^)
Cagney Carnation shipped with any female Characters 
(And no, I will not do Male!-Female character- x Cagney, I will be only doing Tinker Flower, and maybe some other males
Werner x (any other character) except for Cagney
Certain Ships
Hard Gore and Pastel, 
(I haven’t mastered that yet
There goes everyone’s Dreams ;v; B
:iconmymydraws3:MyMyDraws3 18 88
[CLOSED] FREE art! (#58 Weekly raffle)
 And this raffle is over! Messy, drop the bomb!
 The bird is away! We got 351 entries on Deviantart plus 80 on twitter...
             So our new winner is... nmb4914 Congrats!

 See you all next week, guys.
 And may the Luck be with you 
~24 hours ago~ 
 Meow there, our dear watchers! This time we want to talk about winning and losing,
             but first...
 Meet Yumi! She's a lovely OC of Off1Game who won our previous raffle 
:icongigamessy:GigaMessy 262 254
Request - MekkMarcos by TealHikari Request - MekkMarcos :icontealhikari:TealHikari 11 1
This.... This Is Horrible

Basically, after a reckless bus driver killed some students in a traffic accident in Bangladesh, students began protesting for safer roads. The police then came and beat, murdered, and raped those students. And their tyrannical government is doing what they can to prevent the news of this from spreading, even going so far as to shutting down Wi-Fi.
I am kirby65422 and I am here to inform you about this tragedy and please, do what you can and spread it and these hashtags.
:iconkirby65422:kirby65422 1 7
:iconatheraasyra:AtheraAsyra 18 36
Request Picks!
Alrighty, I’ve made my decision,
thank you all to the users that shared my journal. I really do appreciate it ^_^
A few declared some things are better than chocolate cake and I whole heartedly agree with a few... others... Blasphemy :icondestroyplz:
but that may or maynot have influenced my cuts. But I noticed I got a looooooot of Yuri requests o-o Not that I mind but maybe something more... je ne sais quoi. (Oui, je tellement comprends en peu français XD)
these requests made the cut for this batch:
1. :iconpieriteyt:
2. :iconMekkMarcos:
3. :iconantonioalexishuerta:
4. :iconsonicbran23:
5. :iconhidroleaf:
My Picks:
These ones will be single characters, headshots/bustshots in a group unless if I feel motivated to do the full request:
:icontealhikari:TealHikari 2 9
[CLOSED] FREE art! (#57 Weekly raffle)
 And this raffle is over! Messy, release the Kraken!
 On my way! We got 336 entries on Deviantart plus 82 on twitter...
             So our new winner is... Off1Game Congrats!

 See you all next week, guys.
 And may the Luck be with you 
~24 hours ago~ 
 Hello there our dear watchers! It's Sunday once again and it means...
 More waifus! Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1] 
 It means that we have another gift and another raffle.
:icongigamessy:GigaMessy 242 224
Modern MoGal #19~20  - sand castle by shepherd0821 Modern MoGal #19~20 - sand castle :iconshepherd0821:shepherd0821 1,007 92 [request] Wendy by NancyBlackmor [request] Wendy :iconnancyblackmor:NancyBlackmor 4 1
Making requests for a while ^^
Yeah. sorry for not really being active, i dont have the will to draw much lately ^^"
But im gonna do sketch requests for all mah watchers cause thanks so much for your support X3
The watchers keep switching between 191 and 192, so i dont think ill move any farther XD
But oki. The requests X3

Ima do 1 request per person
Ya already gotta be a watcher (cause its a thank you gift for your support :meow:)
Its gonna be just a quick sketch, cause i actually wanna finish them ^^"
I draw pretty much anything except sexual stuff
And thats pretty much it X3
just comment or write a note if your interested OWO
:iconreniei:Reniei 8 82
requests Season4
im back!  i just discover the Vape World and i was spending my free time into it!! making Setups and Coils and things! but ill start drawing again!
if you want a  request from me just drop your OC here and add a couple of points into the donation pool c:
Request are always open and i have a lot lot lot of it so i just ignore anyone who doesnt read this.
anyways, if your OC its a pony or r18/ecchi/sexy oriented drop it anyways and i may do it  for free
*only Original characters
*No guidelines
*No deadlines
*i may change a lot, add or forget something...
Waiting list
1.-:iconblazingheart0:  Done
2.-:icondeathninja07: Done
3.-:icontrailmx: Done
5.-:iconshadowzamai: Done
6.-:iconsanjixxzoro: Done
7.-:iconpurplepenumbra: Done
:iconaellemeow:AElleMeow 19 318


MekkMarcos has started a donation pool!
822 / 999
I've finally decided to seek out commissions from others so as to heighten the chance of honest-to-Cosmos Cidopoverse visuals. However, I can't do that without points.

So, if you decide to chip in, I will promptly thank you for the donation.

You must be logged in to donate.


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