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Studying - Set Up

I thought it would be interesting to share how I made this picture.

Like you can see, it's a very simple set up. The light come from the candle with also a very low environment light.
For the candle light, I puted the Emission Temperature at 3000, the Luminance at 15000 and the Luminance Units on "kcd/m^2".
And for the candel stick, I puted a Translucency Weight of 0.30, and Thin Wall at "Off" without changing the presets of it.

No floor, no walls, no unseen clothes or objects, just the essential.

Hope you find it useful. :)

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Thanks for sharing! I hope more people will do this. (Yes, I'm still stuck at the point of good intentions Waaaah!
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My pleasure. ^^
Yeah, it's nice to see how other people work, and it can gives some ideas and tips.
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Very clever...only what's needed...well done.
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You are welcome.

This picture was also a way to show her beautiful legs. ^^
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Thanks for sharing - nice to see how people achieve stuff.
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It's my pleasure.
Pictures like this one, helped me on occasion to improve my workflow. I wanted to return the favor, in a way. :)
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