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Another character from my upcoming comic, she is the daughter of a living legend which is something that affects her greatly. Most of her species skin color vary between a lighter brown to greens with most somewhere within the yellow area with their eyes being shades of red, but she is an albino, her skin and eyes are sensitive to direct sunlight which she protects herself from with a fold out umbrella and projected red shades. Because of her conditions her father kept her in his villa for most of her life..

I first created this character about 16 years ago for an upscale(meaning that the project had multiple fantastic artists, of which I still have pages from) Sonic fan comic that connected to the universe I had created, the comic did not last sadly, it was the first time I collaborated with more than one other person and I made many mistakes. I actually loved the Sonic fandom back in the days of Angelfire XD but after that I started keeping the universe, that I first created as a kid, further away from that fandom and to just make it my own thing but with her character, some things never changed like her attitude, albinism and dyed blue hair have always been a constant, infact when I did the big redesign of this universe 4 years ago not much has changed about how she looks since then(besides the hood), it was just one of those things where the design felt right and shes just super fun to draw.
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