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Oriol Saria Aei Cer

Ori is a very important character in my upcoming scifi fantasy motion comic. She is of a species called Mystiks who are able to use what many would consider "magic" basically I made them into my scifi version of elves. Ori is an albino. She usually wears sunglasses or goggles to protect her sensitive eyes and she carries around an umbrella to protect her skin from sunrays an certain other light sources. Ori is 13 years old, an extrovert with a lighthearted personality but not annoyingly so. She often cannot see the consequences of her actions and does not perceive dangers in the same fashion others would. When she says something insightful it comes as a surprise to those around her showing that perhaps she knows more than one would think other and every so often she'll say the strangest things. To say that she comes off as weird is an understatement. Ori first shows up in issue one. 

This art is to get the looks of her early outfit down pat. I might also use it for promotion.
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My fave  character in your Art series
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Thank you! the first 63 pages of the comic she's featured in is free to read at so check it out and tell me what you think!
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Are you doing motion comics now? I bought a copy of Motion Artist but haven't done anything with it, and probably won't until I finish revising my exegesis.
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Hey, I have not been on here for awhile. I would like to do my upcoming comic as both a static comic and a motion comics actually. I have not heard of "motion Artist" I will have to check it out.
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Cool, thank you very much!
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The word "Omni" in the top-right corner - Is the motion comic supposed to be called "Omni"? Or is Ori a reworking of the character Omni from earlier versions of White Ash? She doesn't look like the original Omni (me quickly checks through Mek's gallery - confirms Omni wasn't a Mystik either.)
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A working title is a temporary name given to a product or project during production.
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