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Really like the pose and perspective on this. The detail in the tree right behind her hand is nice and it's good that you faded out the detail for the trees farther back. Two things would make this better I think. One would be would be the rock (fairly minor). It looks out of place, its much lighter than everything around it and attracts your eye as it is similar to her skin tone. I think if a bit grass was in front of it, it would be more grounded instead of sort of floating in space. The last thing is maybe to have a bit more detail in the hair and eyes. Her shirt has such a nice and detailed pattern, and your tree is so detailed too. A bit more detail in the hair and face would really bring the focus there even more.

The pose, perspective, and overall composition are great. The placement of the hands on a diagonal really bring your eye throughout the whole piece and bring your gaze right to rest on her face. The angle and position of her hands also brings a sense of movement, or that she just moved.

Overall really nice piece!!