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Janus and Nanweh

Janus is of course June's younger brother and Nanweh is their grandmother and matriarch of their family, this is what they look like in the preview of my White-Ash series

The White-Ash can live to be over 200 so they tend to have large families. Janus's and June's family is the largest of the Meda tribe. Nanweh is actually their great great great grandmother and Janus and June are 2 out of 30 current grandchildren. Nanweh has only seen 6 heyoka be born into her family other than June and while there are many purposes for heyoka like June and Akka in their society they also serve as a check on reproduction since heyoka's tend to be castrated in some way, outsiders think that restricting out of control reproduction was the original reason for the heyokas but the White-Ash will tell you differently since most outsiders know nothing of the species history(it's actually a good story, might tell it sometime)

To find out more about the White-Ash series then search my gallery =P

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These are quite detailed!

I like the concept art for this series, it's pretty striking.
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You're quite welcome ^^
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There cute ^^ I wish i had there hair >< its really colorful. both in the color sense, and just how it is, past the color ^^