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Between the Lines chap1pg5

New and Improved!

Between the Lines
Chapter 1: Byberry
Page 5
Created by: Mekari
Artist: Mekari
Edited by: Dana

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i want that bear
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Subtlety and scope are important in writing. Try not to have your characters speak in terms that are too wide, or explain thier feelings in a way that is analytical, unless thier diction is suited to it, and the tone meshes well.

Also, it would behoove you to provide a link for successive pages when the next one is completed.
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Thanks, i'll keep that in mind.
Tenshiyasha's avatar
Glad to hear it.
MamaCockroach's avatar
I like the way you color in your pages.What do you use?
Mekari's avatar
photoshop 7.0
MamaCockroach's avatar
I looks like oil pastels^^...
this is not to be insulting, I just
like the look ^^;
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i really like the third pic, with them in profile =3= really nice
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This part is almost exactly like the original. Perhaps that's what you're going for.
You only said you were adding more information. I suppose the plot is to remain unchanged.
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yep, almost exactly lol
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