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Between the Lines Chapter1pg8

Between the Lines Chapter1: Byberry
Page 8

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mckenmic's avatar
m with shay i hate pants. im joining her rebellion XD
AyumuJ's avatar
Same. I love wearing skirts a lot more lol :3
AiZicToXemia's avatar
Even I am going to start wearing skirts! Long skirts... Easy access... Or uhm... It's such an issue... Boys with skirts, when they wanna look like a boy in skirt, not like every other girl...
FtM is hard ;_;
safety-catch's avatar
best page of this comic by far.

seriously, your work rocks.

Morgan xo.
Dolphinboy1's avatar
The first time I seen this really freaked me out because I had been going out cross dressing often but have been keeping it a secret from my family but I had my Suspicions that they might know or suspect somethig. Then instead of telling me he knew about it my Dad sent this comic to me up to page 8. I haven’t talked to him about it since was just to weird.
Mekari's avatar
Wow, how very odd and interesting! So i'm guessing they are ok with it?
Dolphinboy1's avatar
Yep very strange but yep they seem ok about it. Im still a wee freaked myself tho lol
Mekari's avatar
but they do accept you it seems and that seems like a terrific thing
Roxio41-50's avatar
You're right. I never noticed those were photographs behind Dani and Shay.
That never occured to me. Nice work!
Mekari's avatar
tessmonsta's avatar
Ha! I've actually *had* conversations like this...
Mekari's avatar
Really? I thought it was just me.
BenjyBum's avatar
heh skirt rebellion!
noid-nitsua's avatar
I do Like.

heh. pants are quite annoying after all
Roxio41-50's avatar
I agree. I'm tired of wearing clothing with legs.
They restrict movement.
Mekari's avatar
Did not know clothing came with legs! o.o lol j/k
Is it safe to say you were representing the 18th century Shay's rebellion hmmm...history freak, go to [link] to keep me out of the trash cans lol

(The site doesn't exist to my knowledge btw...)
Roxio41-50's avatar
Seriously, that's why I'm always caught in my sleep pants. They're so baggy it lets me cross my legs or do whatever.
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