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Between the Lines Chap2pg21

Between the Lines
Chapter 2: Shay
Page 21

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I agree, the watermarking does kinda make the page look ugly, Its not like anyone can steal your comic strip without having to take every single page before this one, and if they do everyone will know its yours.
Un-Touchable's avatar
Heh...I'm in love with this comic
Roxio41-50's avatar
Since when did you start watermarking?
Mekari's avatar
Just in case
Roxio41-50's avatar
Eh, I suppose so. I mean, you wouldn't have to worry so much about people printing hard copies of these without your name all in their face. I was going to do that, make it look like it would as a comic, except in plastic sleves, to expand youraudience to my school; but the idea was soon abandoned.
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You can always go to the website and see the page without the watermark ^.^
Roxio41-50's avatar
I really don't mind the watermark. It just suprized me since it was never up there before.
I might still try to produce hard copies, but I'd ask your permission this time.
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