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Between the Lines Chap1 pg1

I've decided to really push this comic to be published and I knew I could do so much better on the art and I think I most deffinately accomplished that! Look for all of chapter 1 to be updated again but don't worry we're not starting the series over this time and you will still be able to view the old versions of the pages on the website.

Between the Lines
Chapter 1: Byberry
Page 1
creation, art, and story by: Morgan "Mekari" Potts
Edited by: Dana Winsor
Tools: Wacom Tablet, and Photoshop Elements 5.5

The Between the Lines website!
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© 2007 - 2021 Mekari
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HotakuYami's avatar
i love the story!!!!!
but, i...i dont know what byberry mean :(
oplop921's avatar
i thank its beter then the old i know your on chapter 2 now but i just wanted to come back to pg 1 and put this.
Roxio41-50's avatar
I like it. Are the story events going to the same or simmilar to what happened in the original Chap 1? I really liked what happened there too.
Mekari's avatar
Yes its almost exact except you learn more about all the characters.
Roxio41-50's avatar
That's good. I'm just wondering, do you think our little discussions are enough to consider ourselves friends. If not that's OK. I just feel like I'm with someone who's been around the block before. I like people like you.
Mekari's avatar
lol Yeah you seem like a good person so far.
Roxio41-50's avatar
OK, OK! I'm busting with enthustasm. Really, I'm sooo bored and lonely waiting for school too start again. Do you use your AIM account often. If so I'll just send you junk through there intead of these long winded conversations.
Mekari's avatar
Um, yeah it's mekarex31 cant promise that i'll be signed on alot
Roxio41-50's avatar
Yeah, I'm the opposite. I'm always here... On AIM you'll find me at MKAlchemist. Come talk to me.
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