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Another robo lady drawing. I like robots and ladies, that might be a bit of a theme.
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After all extraneous connections are made, you MUST re-calibrate the synthonic reinitializer, for the secondary crossover in order to prevent mainline overload of the constituent tertiary interthermic relays. The Robot Unisystemic Reprocessor will show this in its backwash data. Upon calibration completion, reset all primary/secondary deci-digital interswitch attenuators to remain dual-phased at 600,000 nanocycles, to prevent visual backlash reflux of sensory energy to all subtronic micropixels in the Gynoids optronic cortex processor relays (this prevents digitronic stimulus blindness). Gynoid Metalicca 3.1415926 will then be ready for initial reboot and pending startup procedure.  -Paragraph from the Gynoid repair for Dummies V.3