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Outcasters is an interdimensional peacemaking corporation dedicated to keeping the universe under balance, harmony and peace through force, action and exotic weaponry. Members come from all worlds to make sure the forces of evil and chaos don't cause the universe to collapse on itself

From minor tears that can send an innocent being into an alternate timeline to halting imminent apocalyptic judgement days, those mediators will interfere in the name of justice, law and morality.

Pictured here are the Outcasters members from Earth in an alternate  Earth dimension where a zombie apocalypse had occurred
From top left to right: Rin, Amigato, Charles, Hannibal, Mack "Daddy" Velli
From bottom left to right: Bethany, Sammy, Sparky, Jackson, Anna

Rin: A Shinto ninja with skills in ninjitsu; yields a kunai and dual sai swords that are disguised as crucifixes…

Amigato: Combining "ami" (friend in French) and "arigato" (thank you in Japanese), this eccentric gamer has the best know-how in
interdimensional tech and his intelligence matches with his strength; his two favorite weapons are the Taser knuckles and his trusty Taser X-rep shotgun

Charles: A French foreign legion soldier whose scarred mouth derived from terrorist interrogations in Uganda; he fights with a metallic crossbow and dual machetes

Hannibal: A former forensic biologist who used to work with law enforcement until he experienced the death of his uncle by the "Buzzsaw serial killer". After suffering from temporary insanity and killing the murderer with the same buzzsaw, Hannibal was deemed insane and was institutionalized; now a research scientist for the Outcasters, Hannibal also partakes in combat with dual Uzis and dual buzzsaw clubs; if you see him look at blood for even a nanosecond, you best be running from that yandere dude

Mack "Daddy" Velli: A rapper and former Haitian gang member, this gung-ho slammer kills lawbreakers with a sledgehammer and is armed to the teeth with a Desert Eagle

Bethany: Also known as the "Half-brain assassin", not for her lack of intelligence (which is totally misleading), but for the fact that she was literally born with half a brain; despite the sad outcome, her brain actually adapted and rewired itself to work in the same function as a full brain and it left her with perfect right-eye vision (though it left her blind in her left eye); A German survivalist armed with a long steel knife and a scoped magnum, she had once said "Half of the people I killed are quarter heads; the rest have heads that are full of s*it"…

Sammy and Sparky: Second cousin and first cousin (and lovers) of Mechy, the assistant CEO of Outcasters; both girls live a polyamory relationship, so don't get too panicky; Sammy, a Texas farmer, yields dual revolvers and a huge butcher knife (modelled after Gears of War); despite her small size, she is incredibly strong; Sparky, a mechanic, yields a hacksaw (modeled after Rage) and an MP5K SMG

Jackson: A friend of both Sammy and Sparky, this tomboyish huntress is armed with a lever-action shotgun and a tomahawk

Anna Leshenka: A former private Russian corporate bodyguard of a Mafia multi-billionaire, she left her post after the invasion of Ukraine in protest of her master's political support of the takeover of her home country (it's where her sick mother lived); after she sought refuge in America to escape her master's corporate assassins, she joined the Outcasters to help deal with the injustice done by the Russian mercenaries in Isis; her weapon of choice is her scythe and dual Tokarev pistols
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