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Life Is Beautiful (Master Q Parody)

Based on the Chinese comic panels from:…

Gabrielle and Xena - Icon Things had not been the same for Pinkamena ever since the Flim Flam brothers made the atmosphere rained like skyfire...


Coffin Shop Owner: Coffin by :icondementra369: (I made him look more stern and indifferent in his facial expression for you)

Title of the comic: Reference to this song of the same name:…

For more Master Q Parodies, go to:…
(or not...who cares?...)
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Either that or Pinkie didn’t want to participate or be redesigned in MLP G5.

(Warning that comment could be a spoiler)

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But now that she can fly, she won't have to rely on ballooms and that pedal-powered gyroscope anymore!

Update: Pinkie Pie is now dead and her spirit passed away.

Meanwhile a purple unicorn with a tennis ball on her horn named Izzy is here to take Pinkie’s place for MLP G5.

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Pinkie like to think ahead, it seems. =P
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And now she has NO head to think about!
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At least she immediately thinks of the coffin for the funeral!
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Would be nice if she had also included a gravestone 
sigel4ever's avatar
that was too quick to use
meiyeezhu's avatar
If she waited any longer, her savings for her burial might get repossessed from the debt collectors
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Where did Pink even get the gun ??? o.0
meiyeezhu's avatar
With the ultimate conceal and carry holster product for women…
SilentAiko's avatar
I used to love Worlds dumbest, omg

and jfc, that is soooo duuuuummbbb
Pony4Koma's avatar
He is actually more shocked at the gun being pink than the suicide.
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Coffin: Oh my Tia!! If you're going to die by your own hands, at least don't look so flamboyant about it!! It ruins the dark mood of your situation!
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So, is this the alternate universe where Flim and Flam won? I guess I was wrong when I though it was the most harmless...
meiyeezhu's avatar
Well, Princess Sparkle did say it was the worst future she had been in
ABrightSide's avatar
Yeah, I never got that line... They all looked equally bad.
meiyeezhu's avatar
I think he might need the hundred grand she had gave to pay for his own trauma therapy bills
FacelessSoles's avatar
Shit, that's dark.
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