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Crossbearers: Sole Calibre (Master Q Parody)

Based on the Chinese comic panels from:…

Mxls - Zaptor AAAHH emote Okay, SERIOUSLY???!!! What's with you ghosts getting all crossed-eyed over crosses objects??

Mixels - Shuff AAAHHHH emote Do you REALLY have to take the time to assess over your victim's arts and crafts project before you decide to kill them outright in the middle of F***KING NOWHERE???!!!

Crucifix Emote I mean, what kind of evil and powerful mythical creature gets scared by two simple INTERSECTING STICKS???!!

Foxy's Booty Overload (Chat Icon) That's like a bunch of redneck Southern Americans getting scared over a sign written in Arabic, even though it's actually written in Hebrew! (…)


Priest: My OC Rin Ayakugi, a male Shinto priest with Christian affiliations who fights demonic and malevolent spirits with his ninjitsu skills endowed with the powers of the holy angelic spirit; fights with his kunai knives and butterfly swords disguised as crucifixes

For more Master Q Parodies, go to:…
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BrightBulb13's avatar

creative derpy and hopefully the ghost will be repelled by bad foot odour

meiyeezhu's avatar
I don't think ghosts can smell...
BrightBulb13's avatar

well if it was my shoes the ghost would definitely be repelled

but I think ghosts can smell

meiyeezhu's avatar
If they can go through walls, then the odors will also probably waft through their noses and then their whole head
BrightBulb13's avatar

probably but I think they'd still at least notice because by that logic how could ghosts hear things if they weren't solid

At least Derpy tried

meiyeezhu's avatar
Not hard enough, apparently
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
This does seem to be working and it not like she had anything else to use.
meiyeezhu's avatar
Except for her arms...
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
But how long could she hold that pose 
meiyeezhu's avatar
They easily float away after getting scared
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
I'll keep that in mind
Pony4Koma's avatar
MacGyver Derpy!
meiyeezhu's avatar
She's not the brightest fixer-upper in Ponyville…
Pony4Koma's avatar
That was awesome.
meiyeezhu's avatar
The power of Nike compels you, the power of Nike compels you!!
OscarElSnivyKawai's avatar
BB-K's avatar
Lol, take the shoes but that only confuses the ghost for a while.

I also wonder another thing, in some comics, why ghosts are afraid of the hammer & sickle, isn't that the Soviet Union logo?
meiyeezhu's avatar
They're probably ghosts who escaped from Cannibal Island…
DRJR6PN's avatar
Cute Derpy Nice :) 
meiyeezhu's avatar
Still doesn't match her intelligence though
karkovice1's avatar
Even a ghost in a pretty dress is still a ghost.

And apparently, they get confused by a crossed pair of shoes. =P
meiyeezhu's avatar
They also get easily confused by ambiguous answers/questions and distracted by pieces of thrown candy

(P.S. Technically, they're soles of the shoes)
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